Thursday, June 10, 2010

Liquid Sunshine

It seems the past couple of months or so has landed more liquid sunshine on us than the rest of the spring months put together.

Spring 1431

And here’s my secret,  it never fails to thrill me.  In fact I was feeling quite down this morning until I looked out the window and spied the rain.  I know I’m a bit wacky.  But I LOVE RAIN!Because when it rains I immediately think of… 

Singing and dancing in the rain.  My neighbors are blessed that I keep the singing to a whisper but the dancing I go all out on.  If you’d a chance to spy me it’s more like those dancing tutu’d hippos in Disney’s Fantasia.  But delightfully fun none the less.

I think I get it from my Mom.  She loved a good rain, still does.  Back on the dry wheat farm I grew up on, rain meant the lovely smell of wet sagebrush, clean air, food and crops having a chance. 

So Today, Hope joined me as we basked in liquid sunshine galore.  Skating in the Rain – our new favorite.

Spring 1461

I know she should be wearing her helmet so don’t send me hate mail.  I was holding her hand most of the time except to snap a picture.  The helmet is buried undo the To-Do list that is my front porch. 

Puddle jumping’s fun too.  In between our bouts of showers my lovely ‘secret garden’ (secret because someday, maybe years from now it will be glorious and beautiful, until then it’s still a secret) of a yard has been screaming for attention.  I grow weeds better than anything else in my neighborhood.


Every now and then I get around to pulling a few too.

Spring 1427   

Want proof of my marvelous ‘weed thumb’.  Well here is my garden area this last March.

Winter 260

And here it is today.  The weeds are trying to hide the tipped over trellis and garden boxes, and I must say they are doing a splendid job.

Spring 1465 

‘What???"’ FawnDear didn’t plant a garden this year??? 

Nope.  It about killed me to make the decision to take a year off from it too.  We love fresh tomatoes and zucchini more than anything.  But that nasty unbloggable has hogged up all my spare time so the garden will have to wait until next year.  I am intending to whack down the weeds (hopefully before they seed)and cover it up so I’m not setting myself up for a huge weed fight next year.  Well have to wait and see.

So the weeding never ends, which is another reason I like the rain,  it’s an excuse not to weed for a day or so.  Yeah Rain!


Natalie said...

Cool! I love rain. Except when it's windy and raining. Then I don't like it. :-D

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I hope your neighbors come through with lots of good tomatoes and stuff later in the season for you!
I like rainy days, too. Good excuse to hunker inside and READ!

laterg8r said...

i'm not one for the rain but i'm glad you enjoy it :D

Kiwi said...

We don't get much rain her in CA, but when it does rain the girls love it. I think the backyard looks better with the overgrown secret garden. It must be the photographer in me, always looking for a good backdrop.

Faith said...

I love the rain. Things always seem less pressing and more relaxed. Most of my friends look at me like I'm nuts, but I do like it. Except when I have to take all of the kids to the doctor or something. Then I don't like it so much.

Lisa Olander said...

Rain is the most wonderful thing! I secretly (inside) do the dancing and singing too.....reminds me of growing up on the hill. Course I don't like it much when I am driving at night. Fawn, your garden will grow in other always have a blooming spirit that is contagious.

Arrow said...

I agree with you, coming from a dry farm, how could you help but like a good rain?

Anonymous said...

Yes the rian is blessings poured out form heaven on a parched dry farm. It is the earth getting its bath or shower. Everything smells better after a bath. I know growing up when you bathed in a #3 round tub and you got a bath once a week. Mom-ah

Richins Family said...

Good for you! I would love to see you dance in the rain. I am glad you had a pal to do it with. We have been loving the rain this spring too. Keep dancing.