Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back to Reality – Darn it!

Many, many Thank You’s to all who participated and commented on our Mad Tea Party and Fairy Day Festivities!  I didn’t want the fun to end.  As a Thank you, I’ve posted a super easy and inexpensive tutorial of our Children’s Maypole.  See the How-To’s HERE.

Spring 1614

So we’ve taken off our wings and wiped the whipped topping off our faces.  And all of the sudden summer is upon us.

Spring 1777

This year the fairies didn’t leave us a fairy ring in the lawn (like last year), but they did leave a couple of trinkets in our fairy village.


A darling little measuring set.  Perfect for fairy sized concoctions.  Now, I’ve just got to find the perfect Fairy recipes that call for Smidgen’s, Dash’s and Pinches.  Why do I, I mean the fairies bring presents that beg explanation?

They also left a darling pair of nesting birds.  Just waiting for us to build them a fairy nest.

Spring 2050

Then my daughters (namely Princess) noticed something familiar about the birds and the spoons.  Hum, are hearts the fairies trademark symbol?  My girls are curious now.  As am I, had no idea the fairies had a trademark, when I bought them at two different stores.  Swell, now I’ve got to be even more careful when spreading magic in the future.


Unfortunately the Monday following Fairy Day, someone found a can of black spray paint that one of my mindless teenage son’s had inadvertently left out and tagged the Fairies Tree & Village.

Spring 2040

No Way!  They didn’t.

Spring 2039

The Horror!

Left some homes looking like the aftermath of a raging fire.

Spring 2038

Didn’t even spare the poor little wee furniture.

Spring 2041

The Troll.

Uh, I wonder who did it?

Spring 2042

Could it be?

It seems the culprit even tagged themself.

HOPE!!!!!!  Say it ain’t so?

What possessed her to go from Fairy Friend

Spring 1732

to Fairy Fiend overnight?

Spring 2043 

I think she must have drunk some Troll juice.

Regardless we immediately dismantled the Fairy Village and are furiously giving them an Extreme Wee Home Makeover.  Hopefully we can finish before the Fairy Kingdom swears off us completely.

Now where did I leave that Pixie Dust?


Arrow said...

That's going to take quite the Fairy Home Makeover! That Hope sure sounds like a handful!

laterg8r said...

she must have had some troll juice!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Troll juice! You have to learn to keep it locked up!
Those measuring spoons are the abosolute most darling things EVER.

Natalie said...

Oh, no she DIDn't! How could Hope do that? *Sigh* Maybe you'd better keep her away from the fairy tree from now on... (and the spray paint :D)

I love the fairies' gifts to you. So cute!