Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'd Hurl for You!

How much do I love my husband? Enough to lose my cookies for him? You bet. But only once a year. Tonight to celebrate his Forty-somethingish Birthday, I agreed to go to Red Lobster for dinner (my first time there, by the way.) Thanks to my family for the gift certificates from Christmas. What you need to understand is, that my husband, is the only person on earth that I’d go to a seafood place with. You see I had a horrific(for me) allergic reaction to fish with my second pregnancy and ever since, the taste, the thought and even the smell of seafood instantly turns my stomach into a rollercoaster ride to a not so happy place. It could be mental, but I have made an honest effort to occasionally try different seafood over the fourteen years since then, but always end up kneeling before that porcelain throne begging for mercy. Tonight was no different and the results were the same, even though I didn’t even eat fish, just chicken but the smell did me in. But by-golly, my Prince Erik loves seafood and I really wanted him to have a nice birthday.

Some of his other birthday highlights included...

The whole family taking him to see the newest Veggie Tale Movie, ’The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything.’ Sounds like something any father would enjoy seeing. This is another inside family joke. Quite a few years ago my husband and my boys sang the origional Veggie Tale Pirate Song at a church talent show. We've had the song memorized for years. And each boy can remember their individual parts with a little bit of effort.

But his number one best birthday present happened to come from little Hope. This morning she used the potty like a big girl for the very first time. Input imaginative celestial choir of angels singing the Hallelujah Chorus again, here. You’ve got to understand after having kids in diapers for over 16 ½ years we are finally seeing that light at the end of the smelly tunnel. No, it’s more like a Beaming spotlight. Regardless of the intensity and wattage of the promise of no more bottom wiping, in the not so distant future, it also comes with a twinge of sadness that our kids are growning up way too fast. However, I won't miss the diapers, just the sweet babies that made them.
So, on that note from the smell ridden trenches...Happy Birthday My Love, My Prince, My Husband & Extra Child all rolled into one. I love you!

My two Birthday Kids Prince Erik and Lea! At Red Lobster of course.


trenadoll said...

Happy Birthdays to Erik & Lea. And, Fawndear, I'm sorry about the whole Red Lobster thing. You'll get 'em next time :)

Prince said...

OK, let's be clear. As a loving husband I would never willing ask my wife to get sick for me. I had no idea that she would actually get sick, and um... well.. you know.

Well, I also guess as a loving husband I should be aware that she would get sick, since last year she did when we went to the Crab Pot, and the year before when she tried some salmon, oh yeah and that time we had the Trout cookout, and...

Well how was I susposed to know !