Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mudder & the Secret Photographer

Princess told me about a movie she watched, while she was home sick from church today. Her favorite part of the movie was where the girl found her mudder.

'Her mudder?' I replied.

'Yep, her mudder,' she said excitedly.

I confirmed that a mudder is a mom. Seems right because being a mom with lot's of little kids means that you are constantly dealing with muddy situations.

Here's Princess sleeping with her best friends (Dr.) Boots and (patient) Chilly. Hopefully they will help her feel better soon.

Before I took the picture of Princess sleeping I grabbed an old memory card because I misplaced the camera card I just loaded onto my computer yesterday. Turns out that the new or old, depending how you look at it, card had about 130 pictures already taken on it. I didn't remember taking any of the pictures. Turns out they were taken by a sneaky, secret, family closet photographer. Considering that I bumped my head on the top bunk of the bunkbed trying to take the above picture of Princess sleeping, I should get some lessons from this pro.

I figure they were taken last summer. Not to bad, if I say so myself. Look the plants are even alive.

The secret photographer even captured our family immortalized in vinyl rub-on stick figures on the back of our tank.

And sister Hope sleeping on the computer keyboard. Hey, around our home you get sleep whenever you can.

AH-HA! The secret photographer left this incriminating clue as to their identity. Turns out it was Lea all along.

Have a happy and healthy new week. We are trying for the happy. Hopefully the healthy won't be too far behind.


Susanne said...

I hope you all feel better soon! The flu is no fun.

Trena Doll said...

I've got to know, did you crop those photos? Or does Lea have that unerring eye for composition that eludes me still? She's brilliant!
Hope you're all feeling hale and hearty soon.

Errol said...

Someone get that girl a camera!