Friday, January 25, 2008

Scary Hair

Warning: All the good home improvement pictures you are about to view, actually happened before Fawndear got incapacitated with dreaded sickness known as flu-nasty cold. So if you’re hoping for some more wows pic's, well they just ain’t coming this week. A couple of opp’s, did I do that pictures? But hey, what can you expect from a sickie. Here is my biggest before and after pictures for today. It’s called Miss Scary Hair. Hope has beautiful natural curls. Her grandpa even calls her his Little Shirley Temple. Well first thing in the morning she is little Miss Scary Hair.
So I made it my one goal of the day to wash it, comb it and throw in a fancy barrette, guaranteed to last all of 30 seconds, while I take a picture. She then promptly pulls it out and hands it to me to put in again. We do this routine about 4 or 5 times before I intentionally get distracted and somehow lose the hair bauble so I won’t have to put it in again.

Yes, folks, those curls are all natural. We call it comb and curl. Awfully cute now, but guarenteed to be a big pain to comb as she grows up.

Last weekend before the nasty bug visited us I was able to get another load off to the thrift store. See that wine cups in the center. Had them eight years and the box was still sealed. Never used them. Don't know what I was thinking buying them when I don't even drink wine. Maybe I was thinking of making them dessert cups or something? That just shows I really wasn't thinking, because, give my kids anything made out of glass, and it will be broken within a week.

And as for the future mud room. Here it was last week.

O.K. I know this doesn't look good. But when we moved the washer dryer to the new laundry room we had to open up some walls to re-route some water and electrical lines. Well we just never closed them back up again. That's my next project.

Note to self: Don't attempt home improvement while your head is stuffy and tummy is doing flip flops. It may be too distracting. In trying to remove the old dryer hose attachment, I thought the best way to loosen the blasted vent would be to give it a few little old harmless kicks.

Duh, behind the vent was the wall in our entry way. Nice job, don't you think. Fawndear kicked the vent right through and now we have a nice hole in the wall, in an entirely different room.

But, Ive learned my lesson, I've gone back to the sickness Acceptance stage where I don't care and just want to get better. My flu is done and over with but I've been attacked with the plague of the barking seals and stuffed-up-so-if-feels-like-it's-going-to-explode head. I'm fine if I just don't move. So I'll sit around and maybe work on my brillant idea for my blog title picture. I can't wait until I finish it because I'm so excited that I thought about it. It could be that it's a horrible idea but I'm too stuffed up to know anything. Hopefully I will have it, as well as my new mud room done as soon as this nasty bug has left. Let's just hope that happens soon.

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Errol said...

Your blog title picture was a great idea!