Thursday, November 6, 2008

200 Bloomin Twiddley-wink What?

Well I did it, I survived my first 200 posts. Even better news is – So did You! I’m amazed and extremely awed by all the new bloggy friends I’ve made over the past year. You even put up with me as I expanded my blog readability from …


blog readability test

See this old dear can learn new tricks.

In celebration of all things me (well I can, it’s my blog after all) I thought I would have my sparkley-est give-away yet! Some sweet bling-bling for you!

I even put a little thought into this one (believe it or not). So this gift is a Vicarious Fawndear Alternate Me! Things I would love but can’t really justify having because of, well, me. I know, I know I’ve probably lost you with my scattered train of thought so I’ll try and explain.

The sparkly jewelry I’d wear if I actually dressed in something other than work-out clothes (which I don’t). But if I did, I’d wear them. That and I don’t get myself too much bling-bling because if I did my little girly’s would wear it and most likely break it. This cute set I got from my friend Ethel who sells sweet twinkly wearable jewelry on the side. Let me know if you want me to hook you up with her. It pink and white crystal.

I love candles but I don’t have any (anymore) because I have a phyro-kid that might burn the house down if he saw an open flame.

I actually do have re-useable shopping bags, a trunk full of them x's two vehicles. They go with me everywhere because I do want to do my part to save the planet. Problem is, when I arrive at the store, do-Yah think I’d remember to take a few of them in? Nope (Sigh). I use them for a lot of other things though – impromptu gym bag, diaper bag, church bag, etc. One of these days I may just use them for the purpose for which they were intended. This one is darling though.

So you win this contest and you’ll be livin’ the life I think of living. I know, deep thoughts here. Maybe after this post I’ll be back to Elementary School level.

I thought I’d make the contest rules simple, cause that's me simple. Well that’s at least what I’m trying to be. I’m not going to ask you to post about this contest on your blog or explain your most embarrassing moment. All you have to do is type your favorite word. A One Word comment!

That’s all.

Here are some examples. Hope’s favorite word is ‘Dingle-Hopper’.

(From the Little Mermaid). When she wants to eat or do her hair she runs into the kitchen asking where a dingle-hopper is. And now you know how she really got those curls.

Evo-man’s word is Awesomeness,

Princess – Mommy (Oh, how sweet)

Lea - Art ,

Abner – Liberate,

T-Rev – Existentialist (O.K. for the record this kid didn’t get any smart DNA from me or Prince Erik he’s just one of those kids that plucked it out of randomness).

And my Husbands favorite word to say… ‘Your Right Dear’ (I guess that would disqualify him because it’s more than one word.)

Some of my favorite words are… dream, believe, serendipity, imagination, charity, faith, hope, twinkly.

I also like words that aren’t words like Snork, Toodles, Diddlywhop, and Bloomin-Ba-geebers .

So tell me your favorite word and you may have a chance to win my 200th Post Give-Away!

Contest ends... um, let me think… O.K. a week from tonight. So I’ll pick a winner - Thursday November 13th. Sounds like a hum-dinger of a fun week.


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Cheri said...


(although today's word verification might be a close second WOOSOM)

Shelly said...


Anonymous said...


But I don't need the prize (You inspire me - I am trying to simplify and get rid of excess stuff rather than aquire more stuff), I just love the opportunity to share a favorite word.

Also I wanted to say hi and, wow, I missed A LOT while I was off-line for the last couple months! I have some serious catching up to do!


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fawndear said...

Oh Michele,

I can't believe I forgot to mention 'Love' as one of my words. You bet it's on my list.


headly said...


When I need to say the name of something it eludes me often.
With the distraction of three kids thingamajig is used quite a lot.

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Treasure Ann said...


Hey, what can I say-I love Mary Poppins. Take care FawnDear.
Thanks for the give away.

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Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

Congratulations on your 200th post! Oh my, I think I may be quickly approaching as well...hmmm :). A dingle-hopper, I like that! There's always fun at your house, isn't there?

Kathi :)

Jodi said...


Love this contest!

Toni said...


MaryLu said...

We're on a Scooby Doo kick at our house!
Oh, now wait, my word verfication word is "spitalig"!
Now that's a cool one too!

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