Friday, November 21, 2008

Cheesy Hot Date!

So I’m kind of glad I live in the real world occasionally.

So my husband and I went on our first date in, um, 7 months. I know we should go out more often but having a Bi-Polar child makes it hard to leave home. But seeing he sleeps like a log we decided that the midnight showing would be o.k. to try.

Prince Erik was bending over backward to show some chivalry by opening doors and getting me sugar to keep me awake all the while talking how we would go work out the next day. And he gets bonus points for being 1 of only 8 guys in the theater. They all looked like they were trying to get bonus points from their sweeties as well. I bet they would have all liked to have been watching the Bond film instead.

We got there two hours early, see I was a bit excited, and two of the five theaters showing a midnight showing were already full. Thankfully we did get o.k. seats.

I even pulled these together for us to wear.

Prince Erik says I'm much better than Bella and I'd take him over Edward anyday!

So what did this obsessed Twilight Mom have to think about the movie? There were many parts I really enjoyed. Jacob’s hot, the humans were so human, liked the scene with the Cullen’s trying to cook people food. So wish Alice and Jasper could have been given bigger roles. The baseball scene was fun as well.

I think my husband said it best when he said that this movie is a very close adaptation to the book. He found the books to be very, um, shall I say, Cheesy. Somehow reading romance dialogue in print sounds a lot better than hearing it.

There were parts of the movie where I giggled and smirked where I don’t feel I was meant too. There were some over the top characterizations by some of the actors, that just felt a little forced or too theatrical. Who can blame them because they were trying to portray intense flowery written ten page romance scenes from the book with just a singular look. And honestly, sometimes it didn’t quite work.

So what am I saying? I’m actually torn. I liked it and I was disappointed all at the same time. I’m tempted to go see it again to see if it plays better when I’m actually more awake. I wish I could give the cast and crew two different grades. A for Effort and C for Cheese. If you like that then you’ll like the movie. I really did laugh a lot, (not sure if I was supposed to) so I would say go ahead and go if you want a good laugh.

Honestly the Twilight World in my brain is much better and a Trip to Forks with my Prince would have been a dream-better date. But we can’t do that in one night so a movie will do for now.

So what did you think about the movie???

Now that I'm more awake - I do think that I would have enjoyed the movie a bit more had I gone with my girly friends. It's a total chick flick, and I don't think I would have been as embarressed if I had been hanging out with the females. I am glad I got a date out of it, though, because Heaven Knows I need to have a date with P.E. every now and then.


princessmama said...

Haven't seen it yet (next weekend). I wondered from the previews if some of the parts would end up being a bit cheesy. I'm sad to hear alice and jasper aren't in it much (jasper is one of my favs) I have to say though, her books always make me laugh in a good way. I guess you were saying you were laughing over the cheesiness though. hmmmm. Hope I like the movie :)

Susanne said...

I'm going with low expectations since the previews and scenes that they've put online don't make it look very good. But I'm still really excited to go see it!

utmomof5 said...

I have to tell ya I didn't read the entire post because I do not want any spoilers!! My tickets are for tonight at 9:30. Hubby doesn't get home till late so I have to wait until then -- or I so would have been at the theater last night at midnight!

Tink said...

Thanks for stopping by my site. I love making new blogging friends! Like you, I have a bipolar child, so I TOTALLY understand!! I haven't seen the movie yet. I can't go until next Saturday, but I'm excited to hear everyone's reviews! Loved the t-shirts!

Trena Doll said...

Are you trying to say that you didn't find the books cheesy? Admittedly I'm only about 1/3 of the way through 'Twilight' the paperback, and I'm finding it about a cheesy as a platter of nachos. Hot. Spicy. 100% Cheese.

GO Gray's said...

I agree. I liked it because it was twilight but dissapointed at the same time. I pictured Alice different and Edward on screne wasn't working for me. Go my blog to check out what I thought.

Treasure Ann said...

Haven't seen the movie yet. But judging from the preview, it looked like it would have been a good one. I'll have to wait and see.

By the way, I got my blog prize. I so love it. I have a post especially dedicated to thanking you. I have pictures of them to. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. I hope whenever you get yours, that you will like it.

BoufMom9 said...

I have heard that a lot of people who loved the books aren't as thrilled with the movie as they were the books. I find that to almost always be the case for me.

ps I have something for you. Please check my blog post on Saturday afternoon :)

Katrine said...

I totally agree with your review. I'm glad I went because it was a totally fun thing to do with my daughter. But I also thought it was cheesy. However, I thought Edward was excellent and Bella was a bit forced. Couldn't the girl crack a smile at least once? Overall, I liked it.