Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Thoughts

So I had a couple of downer weeks. Who cares? I had a pretty good excuse considering my house is revolting.

Turns out the scale cared. I avoided it while Carb loading on comfort food. Besides how much damage could two weeks do?


Turns out all the weight I worked so hard to loose over the last 2 ½ months. Well it found me again – in only two weeks. No-Way! So I’m back to square UNO! I was ahead of Smiley in the Accountability Wager now I’m about 4 lbs behind. UGH!

My vice – Stress! I’m an emotional eater and I let the emotions of finances get to me. It was my biggest baddest bump since I started the whole Healthy Life stuff thingy around two years ago.

Kind of got me thinking about one of my favorite movies…

Wendy: You just think happy thoughts. They lift you into the air.

Hook: Alas, I have no happy thoughts.

Wendy: That brings you down!

Me: And in my case, if your down, you weigh a ga-zillion more pounds than if your light on your feet and happy. I've been more like Hook for a couple of weeks and my kids will agree with all my unpleasantness.

I really need this whole Thankful Heart Month and it has helped. Kind of makes me shutter thinking where I’d be without it. Give me Happy Thoughts!

So I'm happy to report that I met with my Young and Gorgeous Counselor this week and am pretty sure that I can jump start the whole Accountability to the Max thing back to life.

Bring on the Happy Thoughts. No I'm not giving up and I'll track every crumb of food between now and the end of the year. I will make my dreams come true.

In other Fawndear news - No thrilling before and after pictures.

More like before and after tidy pictures. I now realize that I need to find a new home for the T.V.

The Piano would look much better without the big black thing on top of it. I need to work on shelf clutter too. As well as Floor clutter.

It might still get really messy after just a normal hour of my kiddo’s in there. But there are reasons for spaces and I’ll try and keep them task oriented.

From the picture you can see I moved my sewing station out of the dining room and set up my Elf Station in the family room so I could keep a better eye on the munchkins while I’m working.

I’ve lined up all my $1 day thrift store sale finds (sheets, slip-covers, curtains, and tablecloths), and they are more than ready for me to turn them into nightgowns for my girlies, a Christmas Tree Skirt or two, aprons, and a few other odd and end gifts. Can I tell you I’m Too-Excited about the whole thrift thing.

So I’ve got a new goal – Christmas in $100 or less. Don’t know if it’s possible but I’m going to try hard. The only thing I’m not including is special food for Christmas Dinner and postage to mail gifts to family. Because honestly, I expect postage to cost more than what I’m spending to make the gifts in the first place. (Sorry I’m so cheap this year guys!) So I guess I should rephrase and say Christmas Gifts in $100 or less. Wish me luck!

So my Christmas Countdown for this week:

1. Finish presents that will need to be mailed.

2. Start working on all the sewing crafts.

3. Focus on Happy Thoughts!


Sara said...

I think I'm going to make a trip to Goodwill today, or Value Village. One of the gifts I'm making is a picnic blanket from www.houseonhillroad.com.

I have the SAME 2 wing chairs in my living room! We should be neighbors, not just cyber-friends!

And, I'm sorry about the weight gain. Some of it is water and will just fall off again quickly. Don't give up!

Mrs. Darling said...

Okay dear, the idea of buying sheets at Goodwill to turn into other stuff just never occured to me and I consider myself quite inventive. The award however goes to you! What a great idea!

I also love your pics. Hey, life is like that. We all have our clutter somewhere. Right now mine is the guest room. I have to organize it this week because my MIL is coming saturday so that will kick me in gear!

Faith said...

Hang in there Fawn! I really need to start my brain going in Christmas mode. Usually I have everything all planned out, but this year I have hardly even started. It might help that it is finally cold outside.

By the way, your package mailed yesterday so you should get it soon! I hope the Princess likes the barrettes :)

MaryLu said...

Fabulously organized!!
I'm so impressed!
I did, by the way, finish the dishes, ignored the laundry, and had a fantastic crafty day making pincushions!! They are so cute lined up on my piano.
Who says a piano is just for the playing.

Treasure Ann said...

Your house looks so clean! I wish I could get mine like that, it'll probably take days to get my house nice and clean and in order.
I have a goal for how much weight I'm suppose to loose, but it's a challenge. We can do it though.

Happy thoughts, right. "WE CAN DO IT!" We will reach our weight goal. One of the things that I try is not eat after 7:00 p.m. That seemed to help.

Jonathan & Cheri said...

You're super organized for Christmas, that's awesome! You've inspired me =) And way to find the laughs and smiles from the heaviness side of the last few weeks!