Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Fairy Tree

We’ve been putting on the finishing touches of our plans to celebrate Fairy Day on Wednesday. Today the girls and I made some no-sew tutu’s, and put the finishing touches on our fairy wear. You can see the instructions over at MommyBlessings.

Summer 179

Then we decided to invite the most important guests to our celebration. So we picked a few of our ripe raspberries.

Summer 190

Wrote a special note to the Fairies.

And took our journey to the nearby river. There we followed a secret and mostly hidden path.

Summer 195

Careful not to disturb the plants or hurt any living thing.

Summer 219

Soon we came to an old enchanted tree.

Summer 196

The boys and I found this tree a few years ago as we were searching the river bend for a band of roving pirates. We knew immediately it was an enchanting tree. Hollow nearly through and through yet it’s branches are still miraculously so full of vivid green life. When one of my favorite versions of Peter Pan hit the theaters I was stunned by the similarities it had to the Fairy Tree in Never, Never Land.

Neverland Fairy Tree

It is enchanting. Full of many many hollowed out chambers for it’s many fairy tenants.

Summer 200

I’m convinced that one day we too may glimpse the fairies here, or at least see some of the glimmer sparkling from their fairy homes.

Summer 213

We kept our visit short and left a little ribbon wrapped invitation for the fairies to join us on Mid-Summer’s Eve.

Summer 210

We also left some raspberries and a cup from our fairy tea set.

Summer 202

Hopefully they will be curious enough to take us up on our invitation.

Summer 206

When we took our leave of the enchanted tree Hope spied some pixie flowers on the ground.

Summer 227

I hope the fairies won’t be too upset that we picked some. The girls want to press them and make something magical.

Can you tell I’m excited for tomorrow. I’m such a kid – this is too much fun.


Faith said...

Your girls (and boys too) must think it's so cool to have a mom with such an imagination! Have fun today!

Anonymous said...

magical MAGICAL! I wish we lived near a fairy tree, alas, the desert has different kinds of fairy plants than the ones by you. happy fairy day!
:) Missy

Beth said...


Jane said...

I so loved reading your blog how enchanting! I loved the little dress it was so sweet, and what a magical tree. what a grand adventure!!! Im sure the fairies will be stopping by! : )

Treasure Ann said...

That is exciting, to celebrate a fun Holiday like that. You all look like you had a great time-during your fairy hunt. Enjoy your day.

Happy Fairy Day.

princessmama said...

Too fun! :-)

Happy Fairy Day :)

Tink said...

Fawn Dear, this is absolutely COOL! Did I mention it was cool! Seriously! I love that old tree! You are such a cool and awesome mom! Your kids will have such great memories.