Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fool for a Day times 356

Every Day is April Fools Day when you live in our home. I woke up to the sound of our cat Spooky hurling all over the floor by our bed this morning. ‘This ought to be a good day,’ I thought. Nothing like waking up to a sick cat after being up all night with a bed-avoiding 2 year old.

So I tried the whole April Fools on Evo-man when I went to wake him up. Usually waking him up is a very time and labor intensive activity.

‘Evo, Hurry and get up we need to leave for CA.’

‘Wha, What?’, his eye’s popped open, and he groggily sat up. Usually it takes 10 minutes to get him to the sitting up stage so I was pleased with the quick progress.

In the next room Prince Erik was caught off guard, being half asleep as well. ‘Huh, what is happening?’

I quickly said April Fools and Evo-man was immediately depressed until I suggested that he could tell me about the spider in my hair or the dent in the car later on and blame it on April Fools. This seemed to perk him up a little.

Princess had overheard the conversation and then regaled me for the rest of the day with, ‘Mom, Lea wants you,’ followed immediately with a smirk and, ‘April Fools.’ Or, ‘There’s a monster behind you – April Fools.’

It started wearing on me within an hour. I guess I deserved that didn’t I?

Prince Erik whispered in my ear, ‘Am I scary to you…are you scared?’ and then proceeded to run around really fast in an attempt to pretend to be Edward from Twilight. I literally snorted out a laugh with that. Nothing is funnier and less-romantic than when he tries to be something he is not – romantic, with the exception of the dancing thing. Somehow when he tries to be romantic, like the guys in novels, or movies, it just comes over as corny. And Corny he does well. My real idea of romance is an extra hand at washing dishes or folding clothes. It’s comforting to know he at least tries.

Now I’m off to make meatloaf cupcakes with mashed potato frosting for my kid’s dinner, and grilled pound cake with cheese colored frosting sandwiches for dessert. I'm sure I won't fool the kids in the least but at least I tried.


Trena Doll said...

You can tell PE that the thought of him trying to imitate a vampire & "run around really fast" (whatever that means) is scary to me. I'm scared.

Anonymous said...

The fact that he tries is what is romantic in my book!


Susanne said...

Just picturing PE pretending to be Edward like that... I'm still cracking up! That was good... And how did he know to do that? Has he secretly been reading Twilight? :-)

fawndear said...

I agree to give PE bonus points for trying. I'm twisting his arm and making him listen to the books, because I want him to go to the book signing with me next month. We ended up downloading the books from Audible.com so that he could try and figure out what my addiction is all about. So far when he quotes passages from the books or retells part of the story from his point of view back to me it sound to hokey to be real. He is paying me back by making me read some of his books as payment. Enders game is a total boy book.

Anonymous said...

Late comment I know, but I must beg exception to your comment that Ender's Game is a boy book.

I love that book; it is one of my favorite books of all time; and I am most definitely not a boy! ;)