Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bike Seats, Sun Diffusers & Mr. Clean

So I finally put myself back in the saddle again, of my bike that is. And I'm positive that I'll be feeling it for a while that is. I made a valiant effort a week ago when my husband suggested we take ride together. Put on my hip bike clothes, and donned my helmet. Then as I actually tried to pull my bike out of the jungle we call a garage my feet decided to trip over a tent. With both hands full of my bike I did the only thing possible and sprawled gracefully on the driveway. Scraped up my knee like only a kid does and realized that both my tires were flat and my chain was off. Since Prince Erik was all ready to go, and my ego was already deflated by my klutziness, I told him he would have to go it alone that day.

This morning he made an extra effort to get up early to pump up my tires, adjust my chain and add a cadence/mileage counter to my bikes frame. Good as new, I had no choice but to join some of my awesome 20/20 Biker-babe girlfriends on a little ride. Twenty miles later, and a little ice I decided that I need some serious hind-end, bike seat breaking in to do before I attempt a 31 miler San Juan Bike tour in 2 weeks.

It was the perfect day however. Perfect for me is high 60’s and low 70 degree weather and I got just that. The bright glowing orb in the sky didn’t even bother me because I had on some snazzy sport sunglasses. And if the weather wasn’t perfect enough the route we took was beautiful. Want to enjoy some scenery? Hop on a bike. How’s this for a blind shot? You try riding a bike on a road with hardly no shoulder while taking a picture over your head.

This was a rarity however, usually I was the tail end of our threesome and my view was more often than not of my friends off in the distance ahead of me.

But they were kind enough not to let me know that I was slowing them down. So I get home and TaDa, Jell-O Legs set in and I was basically a useless bag of moan.

So Prince Erik came to the rescue again and loaded up the girls in the car and told me to go have fun with them and not worry about the house. So off we went, to buy some of that glowing orb in the sky diffuser that you can put over your eyes.

They come in very handy when said burning ball of gas makes an appearance after especially long periods of rain and clouds.

And they make impromptu head bands too.

I have to embarrassingly include a kitchen clutter picture someone took of my kitchen.

Hope it doesn’t send you to therapy. Because this is what Prince Erik did with his time at home while we girls were out playing?

Not bad for a guy. More than a guy, I lucked out because only a prince would clean clutter like that - without being asked. You can actually see the cabinets and the floor too.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to grace you, I mean terrorize you with more pictures because tonight Lea was trying to do some sneaky photography and ended up running around a corner with the camera the same time that Evo-man was coming around the same corner from a different direction. The camera then came in contact with a couple of hard heads and promptly broke the lens. UGH!!! Of course Lea was devastated as was I. So now the only camera (with broken flash) I have is the one that can take pictures outside during the daytime.

Until then I'll just let your imagination take over, and hope my San Juan Bike ride isn't too cloudy for pic's.


Trena Doll said...

Wow, PE is scoring points right and left! Very impressive. Tell him 'Nice Job!' from me.

Glad to know you're riding again. I can't wait to hear about the San Juan thingy. Any 5-10Ks on the calendar?

Faith said...

What a great guy to clean up the kitchen for you! I need to get into an exercise regimen myself... can't remember the last time I was on a bike!

Arrow said...

Well, better late than never right? I'm impressed with my brother-in-law's cleaning job. That puts the pressure on the rest of us!