Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Shrinking my view

As always every two weeks or so I meet with my Young and Gorgeous Counselor. It’s something I never would have even remotely considered until my health crisis of a couple of years ago. Something about being given a diagnosis (Essential Tremor) of something you will have to deal with for the rest of your life has a way of putting you on a roller coaster of unimaginable emotions and changing your whole life's perspective about dang near everything.

So I’ve overcome a lot of hurdles, made some huge life changes and probably now feel 100% better about being me than I have ever felt before, even with my new limitations. So why then would I still need to see a counselor?

Well it turns out that about the time that I finally pulled my life back together my son was diagnosed with his O.D.D. and Severe Depression. One of the things they counsel parents of Oppositional Defiant Children is to seek counseling and get help, cause they know that we are going to need it so we don’t turn into mental mush bags. So in my mind one of the huge reasons for continuing to see her is so I can learn how to deal with my son, and still love him even when he’s not himself.

However I think the main reason I still see her is, no matter how good or not-so-good things are going, I really learn something new, mostly about myself, every time I go in. That and I get to vent without feeling guilty.

This last visit was just what I needed. My assignments for the next two weeks is to (1) meal track (totally different subject which I’ll probably explain in future blogs). And (2) Have Fun, Smell the Roses, Find Joy in the Simple Little things that I often take for granted, and usually miss because of my helter-skelter, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants life.

So here is what I’ve noticed. Normally I see this when I look out my front window. I know – not fun – a bunch of weeds, a lot of work.

But if I take a little extra time to notice the small things… WoW the Sun actually came out of hiding. Well, I guess that isn't a small thing it's a big thing, especially here in the NorthWest. And here I am talking about small things. How's this for noticing a little bit of sunshine poking out of a pile of weeds.

And even though I loath weeds I couldn't help but notice my girls precious flowers as well. Of course I like them even better when my little wee ones hand them to me after they are picked.

I know you might be wondering about the simple joy I find in this picture. Well it's the simple little For Sale sign still on my husbands Pride and Joy.

That and seeing my little ones having fun with their Dad even on dry ground, Pure Joy!

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Have you had your fun today?