Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Batteries - Duh!

In our desperate attempt to save our beloved scale we tried one last thing. New Batteries. DUH! Well that did the trick, it’s working like nothing was ever wrong with it. Sadly, now that it is spot-on we discovered as the batteries wore down the weight it recorded also dropped. Imagine, if you will, our dismay when both my husband and I were up 4 lbs. each once the trusty scale was back in operation. It wreaked havoc with my emotions so much so, that I had to go consume a couple of unforgivable chocolate bars.

Couldn’t have happened at a better time too. In a week and a half we have a photo shoot for our sports club magazine as the Poster Family for Healthy Living and miracle weight loss. Hopefully those extra lbs. won’t show up on camera. Yeah Right!

I wish batteries would fix our projector and only T.V. which also both decided to bite the dust this last week. It’s like we are revisiting our no-electronic entertainment month all over again. Perfect timing again, as it happened right at the beginning of Spring Break during another round of continuously rainy weather. Non-plugged in kids equals creative clutter. Wow, it seems to happen all at once. O.K. who let Hope have the markers???


Anonymous said...

LOL, she looks like a budding pirate! Clearly Abner is having a strong influence on her ;-)

Trena Doll said...

Hope sure does like those markers! Is that her pretty sunday dress? I'm sorry, friend. And I'm sorry about the scale. But I hope you were at least able to enjoy the forbidden chocolate. It really is nice sometimes. Are your tremors back?

And Fawndear, where is it written that thou shalt not send thy children out in the rain? Something tells me the kids would like nothing better than a day or three to play in the mud. Just make sure they wipe their feet before they come inside. :)
Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I think that the Lord sometimes provides us with what we need as parents, even when we don't understand. And I am not meaning the black marker. I am sorry about her pretty dress.
Aunt Sassy

fawndear said...

Great news for me, the markers were washable, this time around.