Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cracking Up!

That’ it – I’m officially losing it. In too many ways to count.

Mental stability aside - the first thing I’m losing is the thought of quitting my Triathlon on Saturday. I’m going to do it regardless of how crazy my logic is. You see, I lucked out and got into my chiropractor on Monday and he cracked me up something crazy. A pull and twist here and there, snap, crackle and pop all up and down my back and neck and I’m a new woman – well mostly.

A year ago I’d have told you all chiropractors were quacks (never been to one before so I claim ignorance) but I no longer think that. Dr Magic Hands told me that I should be a little sore for a day and then I should be o.k. I wasn’t even sore for a day. Every now and then when I twist funny I feel a little tender in the hip but nothing like before.

I did a 10 mile bike ride this morning and felt nothing but great and I know the swimming won’t give my hip any problems. So if the soreness crops up during the race and all else fails I’ll power walk the 5k instead of jog it. But I’m still expecting to beat my times in the swim and bike from last year so my final time shouldn’t be too far off from last year’s time. So great news, at least for me!

There are signs everywhere that my kids are going wacky right along with me. The tropical heat from last weekend has disappeared and the cooler clouds and rain are back in full force. But that doesn’t keep my kids from pretending that it’s still summer even if the weather isn’t cooperating. I took them wild blackberry picking at a friends private lake.

Did I ever mention that I have the best friends? She invited a bunch of us over to her families little lake for some berry picking and swimming. I was hoping the rainy weather would discourage my kids from taking a dip but no.

Crazy Kids.

More kid crack-ups coming.

Princess came to me howling the other day because her invisible friend didn’t like her anymore. Should I be worried about this? Imagine your imaginary friends turning on you. I think it had something to do with Lea’s invisible friends trash talking Princess’s nothing friends and it exploded from there. I’ve even had to pull the car over because these two little girls were fighting over the fact that their invisible friends were fighting. Sigh! I’ve even booted said invisible friends from the car and made them walk home and told them that if they ever fought again I’d ship them off to Antarctica in a dingy with no paddles. Why can’t we all just get along regardless if we are see-through or not.

Then I noticed this new piece of damage in the hallway.

‘O.K. who put the hole in the wall?’

Six ‘I don’t knows’ later, and I’m suspecting those invisible friends retaliated back at me for making them walk 5 miles home. UGH!

As for the last reason that proves my mental stability is in jeopardy, well could you guess, it involves Hope again. If it wasn’t enough worrying that she might be dancing on the roof or playing Picasso on the walls. If that and swimming daily in the neighbor’s water feature weren’t enough - she has discovered the power of SCISSORS. And her first act of playing with them resulted in one less beautiful ringlet on top of her glorious head of hair.

I don’t know where exactly she wacked the offending curl from. If her hair was straight I’d probably locate it right away. But it’s so curly it hides the missing piece so I’m trying not to weep and wail.

As a rule we don’t have markers in the house. She discovered the back to school list supplies the schools always suck you dry with before school starts. And now the thought of hiding scissors or putting them under lock and key is probably going to have to be a hard and fast reality.

Well I'd better get back to the insanity I call home and family. I have to keep reminding myself that all these wild and crazy moments are worth it because I love my family too much to commit myself to the state looney house.


Pam's Pride said...

LOL!! You have me cracking up!! Oh, that Hope she is a precious one!!
Just write all of her crazy antics down so when she is older you can start telling her SHE is the one who you are going to move in with during retirement because she owes you big!!:)

Dawn said...

LOL!!! i couldn't stop laughing as i read about your kids imaginary friends.
Dawn Z

Trena Doll said...

I'll be cheering for you on Saturday. Did you know Lyric is doing a triathlon here this weekend? So I'll be cheering for you both!

GO Gray's said...

Ok Fawn I wanted to tell you that I started reading twilight and I think it is. . . . . AMAZING!!!! Oh my gosh I read it in one day, ran to my friends to get book 2 and am almost done with it. I love the characters and the story and oh my gosh Edward is amazing. Ok just had to tell you that and I'm jealous at the Forks WA pic's. . .