Saturday, August 23, 2008

I 'TRI' - ed!!!

All those early morning swims in the rain…

Miles logged at the track and biking on the road,

Resulted in a bunch of crazy ladies letting a teenage boy doodle on our arms with Sharpie…

All so that we could pay someone else some money to swim, bike and run it all again.

So, my training buddies, Giggles, Sunshine, Fancy and myself completed our officialSprint Triathlon today. I'm the green thing with her eyes closed. It was their 1st time and my third. So as we trained I imagined myself their Non-expert mentor. More so Nazi-motivator who wouldn’t let them back out of the race. I got my payback when all three whipped my butt today. # 536 is someone who we met there who motivated Sunshine to finish the race. So thanks for nameless numbers who keep you going.

Sorry no great action pictures because my photographer Prince Erik did the race too. He finished his 400 meter swim, 14 mile bike ride, 5K run in UNDER 1 hour 30 min. His best time yet.

Me, myself and I bested my swim and bike times from last year only to be attacked by my Joy-Sucking Left Hip Malady again during the run. I only got ½ mile into my run before it crashed on me. The energy and heart were at an all time high and had I been healthy I think I could have completed the race in under 1:40. Not to be. I immediately stopped running started walking and tried to overcompensate with my right leg – then double whammy – the right hip started to follow the left hips bad example. Ugh! So I slowed even more and recorded the slowest 5K time of the day. Double Ugh! My disappointment was nothing next to the high from seeing all my friends do so well. Go Girl Power!

So I gamely finished in my all time worst Tri time of 2 hours 10 min. I think the 5K portion took me a whole hour because I was trying to be really careful. The key was that I finished, and I don’t think I did any extra damage to my hipsters and best of all (Wahoo) – I Wasn’t in last place.

Next year I think I’ll do it in Maui so that if I’m injured I can recuperate on the beach.


Terri said...

Congrats on finishing! Sorry your hips were not cooperating with you!

Susanne said...

I'm so sorry about your hip! I injured my hip way back in high school while playing soccer (a girl tripped me and then landed on me... yeah, ouch!) and now when I run long stretches (which doesn't happen as often as it should) it starts hurting again. You'd think after 9 years it would finally go away! But way to go on your triathlon. You've motivated me to get on the treadmill tonight. :-)

Faith said...

It is so disappointing when one's body doesn't cooperate. Kudos on keeping a good attitude and finishing!

Cathy said...

Congrats! Stay strong, and I hope your injuries go away.