Saturday, August 16, 2008

Two Year Old Epic - Future Olympic Freak!

I have been glued to the Olympics like a kids face to a candy store window. What with Michael Phelps’s epic achievement being broadcast and all. It’s hard not to think of much else. And no, it hasn’t distracted me in the least from my amazing motherly duties. I’ve even got a few suggestions to the I.O.C. about possible future events they may want to consider.

Toddler Tagging. I bet my two year old could out-tag yours any day. Why the other day when she was under the watchful supervision of her teenage brother (I was at a fitness class), she could have won a gold medal. With a couple of markers and a 15 minute time period, she amazingly tagged no less than 4 different rooms (minimum 1 wall per room)...

two different hallways...

... one air-conditioning unit...

...two tables...

mom’s sheet.

Beat that will ya!

And with the Olympics often comes coverage of proud parents and relatives cheering on their loved ones. You can bet the teenager and toddler are going to be doing some serious bonding while exercising the Magic Eraser all over those areas.

The next event would be…

Climbing. Don’t have your toddler try this at home unless you want a heart-attack! Sorry no pictures because it involved one of Hopes biggest Freak-Mom-Out episodes. I put her in my bed to watch a movie in the only air-conditioned room in the house. I’m selfish that way. Then I went downstairs to get something knowing that ‘The Little Mermaid’ Movie would hold her attention like no other. Five minutes later I came back up to check on her.

Freak out coming!

Are you ready for it?

Guess where she was?

On the Roof! Bet your two year old can’t do that. Nor would you want them too if your anywhere near sane.

She had climbed on top of the air conditioning unit and straight out the window. She’s seen her twelve year old brother go out the window a couple of times (against mom’s wishes, of course) and I guess she finally thought it would be fun to try this stunt herself. When I found her I immediately clamored out the window myself trying to sound calm even though I was having a massive Tremor attack so as not to scare her right off the roof and onto the cement driveway below.

Fortunately everything turned out o.k.

Then today she decided to try out my third suggestion for an Olympic sport.

Toddler Swimming – in the neighbor’s little water garden. Whenever Hope takes off there’s a wonderful chance that she’s visiting the neighbor’s little bamboo garden pond. At least she hasn't decided to round the corner and take off into busy traffic, like her big sister did and lived to tell about it.

Lucky for me again that the pond is less than a foot deep and she is an excellent dog paddler.

However I’m seriously thinking of taking out stock in or at least investing in the following products, especially if Hope is going to continue training for her very own Toddler Olympics…

Try climbing through these beauties.

Or holding onto markers with these glued to your fingers.

And the neighbors pond might be a lot safer is this balloon is fastened around Hopes body. She probably won't even fit in their pond with it on.

And this might help with Mom's peace of mind. Unless it shorts out if it get's wet.

Heaven Help Us both to survive.


Mel said...

Wow, I would be feeling a bit frazzled by now! I'm thinking the Amber Alert GPS would be a great investment:)

Anonymous said...

I'm a little freaked out myself! This was the first time she was IN the water. Before, I've just caught her playing in it. I suppose if we figured out a "fence", to put around it, she'd make it over that too. She IS an Olympian in the making!

Congratulations on keeping your sense of humor. You're an amazing woman. -Your neighbor "J"

Faith said...

Wow. I'm a little afraid my sweet little angel girl may do things like that when she's able to walk well on her own. Too bad a person can't use those invisible fence things on toddlers!

Debra said...

Well, I was impressed/scared about one of the things my daughter did, but next to that, Bells will probably have to settle for the silver.