Friday, August 15, 2008

Breaking Dawn Girls Night Out = National News Story!

Have you ever attended an event that was worthy of a blurb on National News. For me this is only the second time. The first was when I was in a crowd of people in SLC, UT when they announced that Salt Lake City was awarded the Winter Olympics. But I couldn't even pick myself out of the crowd even though I knew where I was standing.

So, Could this be my nano-second of fame? You may see my backside on the National News (Nightline on ABC) tonight because I and another 2000-something obsessed fans went to Stephenie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn Book Tour in Seattle on Tuesday. I think the camera’s were rolling (behind us) when they opened the doors as we went into the theater- if that clip even makes the program I'd be surprised. I’m wearing black like maybe 9/10th of the other attendee’s, a Bella pony tale and have my book waving high in the air as I’m giggling hysterically like some teenager high on something other than life. Although to be honest I don’t need any substance other than life to make me happy. Whew!

I had enormous hopes that this would be my chance to get a good picture of Stephenie. What with being on the Ticketmaster Website within 100’s of a second of the tickets going on sale secured me seats in row 30ish. I thought when they said orchestra seating DD meant I would be near the front. But alas we were a mere 30-ish rows back from the stage which means that my camera only picked up blur. So here is Stephenie in all her vampire speed blurish glory.

I was so enthusiastic that I bought eight tickets to the book tour. My family wasn’t interested in sharing more mental time with me but these brave and courageous chicks were, and I think they had as much fun as I did.
Rkimedes had to be the bravest since her own little Bella is due within days. I was wondering if the hysteria of the evening would put her over the top and we would have to make an emergency trip to the baby ward of the local hospital. We might have scared her little larval unit into staying where it was nice and quiet for a bit longer.
We even braved taking my gas-guzzle tank into a Seattle parking garage. Then we all repeatedly winced as the antenna scraped every bit of pipe or concrete outcropping of the ceiling. Fortunately we cleared everything by maybe ½ an inch. Never again will that beast venture into Seatlle. It’s just too darn big.
This creative family did, I think, make the news.

At least they said they were interviewed. I think they deserved the award for the best eye catching T-shirts. I may have to copy their shirts they are so creative. Especially the teenage boys, ‘Someone feed me, my mom’s reading Twilight again.’

Had a blast, even enjoyed a little new-age rock and roll provided by Blue October’s Justin Furstenfeld. The songs were more mellowed out because he preformed them on acoustic guitar. I don’t think I’ll count this as my first official concert because it was only around 5 songs. Still great!

Stephenie was as fun as last time I saw her. Thankfully the program lasted for just over an hour. Last time it was all of twenty minutes. Then it was the wait for the signing. And guess who surprised us as we were standing in line?

Our Best Western check-out lady from our Forks weekend. And Shocker of all shockers – she remembered Pazzaz and myself. Well I guess that isn’t too much of a shock seeing that we are a bit odd and stand-out as wanna-be teenagers. So our Forks-y Lady friend kindly caught us up on the festivities planned for Stephenie Meyer Day in Forks, WA on September the 13th and now I’m seriously tempted to make one more trip this summer. Hummmmm? Wonder if Prince Erik is opposed to a road trip?


Susanne said...

Your blog always makes me smile! Looks like you had tons of fun!!! Wish I could've gone, too!

E-Ditty said...

very tempting...let's go!

Eve said...

Let's see if this works