Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Not all's quiet on the Home Front

Things were a bit quieter around the Fawndear forest today and I couldn’t figure it out at first. The kids were as thunderously loud as usual but something was eerily quiet and then I figured it out.

My phone died. Our home phone is a cell phone. We switched to cell after going through hoop after flaming hoop with the phone company and never really getting anything remotely similar to customer service.

So our family had 4 cell phones: the Home phone was MINE. My husband and a cell phone, and we had one for the kids so that if I had to go anywhere they could still get hold of me. And Evo-man had a phone because well he’s Evo-man and he usually get’s what he wants or drives us bonkers until we succumb.

Evo-man’s phone met with a water accident, and the boys misplaced the kid phone about a week and a half ago. Prince Erik’s (merely a week old) phone got tossed across the room and died. And so mine was the last survivor. Until it mysteriously was found all quiet and lifeless this morning. No matter what I did no familiar beeps and blips of light protruded from its small screen. I tried two different chargers, taking out and replacing the battery and even some hand banging therapy to no avail. It’s gone.

I’m comforted in the fact that mine always lasts the longest. Maybe it’s because I insist on getting a girly looking hot pink phone and installing Disney Princess music as the ring tone. Something about the ringtone of ‘A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart makes,’ would easily make my phone one that any warm-blooded teenage boy would avoid carrying at all costs. It was truly a strategic tactic on my part. So it safely remained in my possession.

I don’t know whether one of my kid’s invisible friends attacked it, as they seem to be doing quite a bit of damage around the house as of late, or whether it died of natural causes.

Needless to say I’m missing my adult conversation. I can bet Prince Erik is going to take it nice and slow in replacing the phones because he doesn’t have to worry about me calling him at work and nagging him about this or that. It’s much easier to avoid email than it is to avoid the silly phone ringing.

So I guess I’ll go outside and visit with my neighbors over the fence or take my kids on a walk in hopes that I might get to talk to some adults today.

And for future ringtones… Maybe I’ll go ahead and have the kid’s phone play, ‘Another one bites the dust,’ in preparation for how frequently we seem to go through these little expensively annoying but very addicting electronic gadgets.

I think it will be good to deal without calls for a couple of days. Maybe I'll actually get something accomplished without constant interruption. We’ll see.


rkimedes said...

You might be in luck on the phone replacement front. PE's been all on tenterhooks about getting news about the Larval Human's arrival, so I'm guessing *someone* is getting a new phone soon.

Trena Doll said...

Isn't it a blessing that this happened this week rather than next... act now, while you can still shop for replacements! Hoping you have a sparkly new phone soon. Oh, and springing for the extended warranty might be a good idea in your case. ;)