Thursday, August 28, 2008

Accountability to the MAX!

I’m so sick of my weight plateau of the last few months I’ve decided to bring on the external accountability in hopes of achieving one of my big dreams for the year.

Here’s all 232 lbs of glorious me and how I probably looked in Jan 07.

Yes, I had to use a cane, but never again. Here’s the much improved and 57 lbs lighter me now.

I'm the watermelon standing next to Giggles, Sunshine and Fancy, my faithful and skinny workout buddies.

And my dream…

To be a sexy, hot mama and a total of 83 lbs lighter than my original starting weight by JAN 1, 2009. Don’t bother doing the math, I’ll embarrass the bageebers out of myself and just tell you. Probably make your day. I weigh 175 lbs. (GASP) can’t believe that I’m telling the world my dirty little secret. I’m still overweight, my Wii says I’m obese and then gives me a disapproving head waggle from my virtual Wii me.

Soooooooooo. I’m doing something about it. Now, This Day, No Looking Back, It’s ON! I'm going to lose at least 25 lbs. before the end of the year.

Here’s my 5 layers of accountability. I’ve spent the last few days lining them up and DREAM ON!

1. Put your money where your mouth is. To the tune of $100 Buck-a-roo’s! So my amazing friend Smiley actually thought of this one.

We are wagering $100 to the person who loses 25 lbs. first. We are practically twinners in how much we need to lose. Smiley was with me every step of my 20/20 program journey. She did the program right along with me. We swapped tot’s to go workout and to this day every time Hope see’s her she says, ‘Oh my Smiley’, and runs and jumps in her arms.’

So first one to lose 25 lbs. get’s the big bucks from the other. However, since our dream is on until Jan 1, they have to maintain their new and improved weight through that day. So if the winner hits goal and then gains 10 lbs on Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas pudding the person in 2nd (if at goal) may sneak the money back.

My good friend B thought of a good one as well. Donate money to a cause you fervently abhor every time you mess up and your sure to stay on track.

I know my mommy taught me never to bet but this is the exception. It’s for a good cause. I can always hope that we hit goal at the same time because then we can both do this...

2. Incentive or Reward. Since I’m going to win the $100 (Sorry Smiley, It’s all mine). I’m then going to treat myself to another Fawndear First. A Day at the Spa, and no it’s not Hope’s Spa, it’s the real sha-bang. Massage, Manicure, Haircut that costs more than $11 bucks, Facial, you name it I’m getting it. My very own make-over.

In fact Smiley was responsible for another Fawndear First last year – my first ever Pedicure!

We went back a couple of weeks ago to relive the embarrassing moment of seeing just how much dead skin can accumulate on one’s feet over the course of 30 plus years. Being ticklish, we giggled and snorted all while grossing out our little language impaired feet scrubbers. I guess its good we couldn’t understand what they were saying, but we could imagine it. Eww, Gross!

3. Record your dirty deeds. I feel my exercise is spot-on it’s the freaking food that gets me every time. So, I’m pulling out my meal tracker and logging every sinful bite I take and then some. I’m also logging exercise, water, vitamins, and pedometer steps. That poor old pedometer is going to be glued to my hip for the next few months – no if’s, ands, or buts. Meal tracking is my sure-fire ticket to win. I always lose weight when I track. Something about the thought of writing down 10 ho-ho’s keeps me from taking that first dreaded bite. And to keep me honest in my tracking...

4. Accountable to the masses. I’ve told five close friends that at any given time they can check my meal tracker and if I’m more than two meals behind in recording they get 30 minutes of manual labor out of me. Weeding, Scrubbing toilets, Chasing Rug rats, whatever cardio service they want (within reason – I’m not giving them a foot massage cause you can’t burn enough calories), they get. So I’ve got to cart that little meal tracker with me all the time.

5. You. So not only am I going to be accountable to my close friends I’ll post my weekly weight stats here. I know you’re thrilled. Who wants to hear from one more fat chick on the web? But I’ll be the fat chick with a little cheek thrown in to boot. And my after the makeover pictures should be one humdinger of a thing to behold. So tell me how great I'm doing and give me a virtual pat on the back, or cuss me out and tell me to move my fat lard a little bit more. Regardless, stick with me and pray I win that cash because I can’t afford to lose it.

On a side note I now have one working phone. So people can call me again. It's nice to know however that it's o.k. to turn it off if I need a little peace and quiet.


Trena Doll said...

25 lbs? You can do it Girl! No sweat! um...ok, maybe a little sweat. :)

Jennifer said...

Wow thats awesome! Good luck and btw I think you look great and your wii is a meanie ;)

BoufMom9 said...

FANTASTIC!!! It's always so much easier to do it with friends! Good luck to you! You can do this!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Fawndear! I have to jump back on the wagon as well. Tanya is coming over in the morning to kick my bootie, so no more playing for me. I too have recorded my food. It does work. So does the blog accountability..only I do mine once a month. :)

When we see each other on the street, let's be accountable with a "thumbs up" if we're being good, okay? Good luck! ~ J two doors down.

Dawn said...

you go girl!!!! I know you can do it.
Dawn Z

Sara said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm weighing in at 175.5 today, too, and need to lose 25 lbs. Or 30, but I'll be thrilled with 25. Can I be in on the bet? ;-)

Do you and Smiley have a plan?