Saturday, September 6, 2008

Drooling with Envy

My little Lea just called to tell me Daddy has started his race. And guess who he's burning bike rubber with on the mountain today? 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist Kirsten Armstrong. Oh, My, HONK!!! I'm so wishing I now would have gone. I was hoping that she was there, being that she's an Idaho girl herself. But still.

Someone by the name of Lance Armstrong also entered the race but I have no idea if he is in fact THE Lance Armstrong.

I'm so enviously living the experiance vicariously right now through my 9 year old on the phone, it's making me dizzy.

Yesterday I spent $0 (A Big Fat ZERO)! I love this whole nothing thing.

As soon as I know Prince Erik has finished the race and not had a heart attack or made anyone famous crash and die I'll probably go pick some FREE blackberries and let my kids swim in a FREE lake. Until then I'm wearing out my phone with FREE Minutes to my kid.


Trena Doll said...

Hurrah for Lea! I was worried she'd be sitting around bored, but it sounds like she's having a grand adventure. It couldn't happen to a nicer girl!

Susanne said...

That is so cool! If he gets a picture of her, you definitely need to share it on here!