Monday, September 1, 2008

Nothing but Needs

30 Days

Well ,here we are at Day #1 of our Nothing but Needs, Back to the Basics, Simply Simple living month. Believe it or not I'm dang excited but scared silly all at the same time. The only thing is I'm a wee bit afraid of the whining I’m going to have to deal with when we tell the kids sorry but no McDonalds or snacks or DVD rentals or something they feel entitled to, but isn't really a need. We’ve sat down with them and explained the whole concept and they were fine with it until we got into details. So the devils in the details.

Even though I expect a little moaning from the munchkins I’m excited and very hopeful about the whole thing. But I’ve really been thinking about how many changes we are going to have to make that I've taken for granted.

For instance – my gym membership. Which my husband considers an investment but I am still going to try and go the month and work out totally at home and outside. Please pray it doesn’t rain everyday.

My husband is giving up driving his car to work for the entire month. On good days he will either ride his bicycle or his motorbike and on crummy weather days he will take his works free shuttle-bus.

The Kids are going to give up baths in our huge master bathtub. It’s large enough to be a swimming pool but I’ve made them promise to take quick showers.

Last night Evo-man told me that he needed a haircut. The boys are quite shaggy and I've been begging them all summer to get a trim. But no - wait until school starts and then ask. but guess what - I'm not taking them to the hair salon when I can cut it myself. When I told them this they were horrified. Mom... cut our hair... get out! Trouble is I haven't cut their hair for 10 years. I was tired of all the buzz clippers we killed because their hair is so freaking thick. So not only do I have to cut their hair but I have to do it with nothing but scissors. How's that for a back to basic. Maybe they will want to go shaggy for another month now.

There are so many other little details to living on needs only that I’m sure we will run into, and have to make decisions on, as we get started on this adventure. But I’m dang excited about the whole experience. We’ll see how I feel after a few days.

I know it seems like I've been commiting to doing a whole bunch of changes like over-coming the dreaded clutter monster, and losing weight. But this whole nothing but needs idea dovetails right into the other two. So I feel it' not going to be a strain to accomplish all three.

A few of you want to play along. I'll see if I can't then figure out about posting links to those people so you can see some of the different changes some other families are having to make. If you decide to join this challenge let me know and I'll add your link.


Pam's Pride said...

Instead of renting your DVD's have you tried your local library? Our local library lends DVD's and videos for free for one week. The new releases are a $1 though. But, they have nearly every video there is...or they can get it in.

Jennifer said...

Well, now that we're not moving I kind of feel compelled to play along but I'm scared!! OK, fine.....I'll DO IT!!

BoufMom9 said...

I am doing this one too! I think it's great!
BTW You can still give the kids good homemade snacks. All you need is flour, sugar, brown sugar,baking soda, eggs, butter and vanilla and you can make just about anything. I have TONS of natural recipes. If you are interested, just let me know and I will email them to you.

Owlhaven said...

As far as the haircutting, my clippers last a lot longer if I spray a bit of cooking spray on the blades each time I use the clippers...if you have an old clipper sitting around you might be able even to rejuvenate it.
So glad you're playing along!


Honey Mommy said...


You are amazing. I think I will try to cut back this month... but it's my birthday this month and there are some things I really want!

Mel said...

I'm impressed! Can't wait to hear more about it;)

Anonymous said...

Hurray to you for Getting back on track with spending, weight and clutter! I think you are right, they do all go together. I recently participated in a 30 day declutter challenge and it has helped me to get back into that habit.

Your goals for the 30 days of nothing sound awesome. Have a great week.