Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dream On - Accountability

Well we survived our first two days of nothing but needs and did pretty darn well. The only thing I did that I probably I could have done differently was maybe rode a bike around the neighborhood to look for the dog instead of taking the car. But my legs were in no shape to pedal(see why below) so I took the car.

So here are my accountability dreams in a rather large nutshell.

Nothing but Needs? – Good – Everything I did purchase over the past two days came from a list and were definitely needs.

Dream Make-Over? - Don’t tell Smiley but that $100 wager is all mine. Don’t hate me because I’m so awesome. You always lose the most weight the very first week your on a program. I’m tactically consuming between 1300 and 1500 calories per day. Meal tracking, well I didn’t miss a single meal. So all is good there.

And I was rocking the exercises too. Monday I attempted my bogus Bogus. Prince Erik and I went on a 30 plus mile bike ride...

through some gorgeous country and bike climbed a pretty good hill (the big-ish one in the background). So about 6 miles of the 30 was, for me, serious climbing on a bike, of course. This is me on the climb thinking about what a stupid thing it is to ride a bike uphill.

Even though I think I could complete the Bogus Basin Bike race this Saturday in ID (14.5 miles all uphill). I would rather wait until I’ve trained a bit more for it and am 25 lbs lighter. So I’ll do it next year when I’m super skinny and a real fast mama. Prince Erik is still going to go and do it though and I’m sure he’ll have a super speedy time.

And for the Dream-On Clutter crusade – well we made another go at the old laundry room.

We tried to tackle it last spring but never turned it into the mud room we wanted it to be. So Monday Prince Erik found the boards I bought last spring, cut them, splashed some stain on them and slapped them on the wall.

And Ta-Da! We have a mudroom folks. For the first time in the 12 years my kiddos have been going to school, their backpacks now have a home. It’s probably going to take some getting used to because those backpacks still have floor magnets attached to them. I had to remind the kids about four times that their backpacks now have a really swell spot to call home and they better find it fast. It may take a few days to become a habit but I’m excited. Of course I plan on adding more shelves but I’m good for now.

So my three dreams of losing weight, de-cluttering and needs only had a great couple of days.
And I did while dealing with Hope bringing home a new friend….

And we had to deal with Itchy taking a three day vacation from our family. That there almost drove me to my emotional eating self. But every time I spied a overly tempting candy bar I thought which would I rather have? That mouthful of comfort or $100? The money won.

Hope let Itchy out of the house over the weekend. Because it was the weekend there was no one to talk to at the local found pet shelters to see if she had been turned in. Here’s where my needs took a backseat as I drove around the neighborhood searching for the rascally mutt. Fortunately a Good Samaritan apprehended Itchy after seeing her play chicken with some cars on local busy road. They finally saw the flyers the girls and I smacked up around the neighborhood and gave us a ring.

So Itchy is back home and under house arrest. And I'm psyched about following my dreams.


Sara said...

Nice job on those 3 areas of your life! WTG! I'm so jealous of the mudroom---ours is too small for anything but laundry.

I'm such an emotional/boredom/tired eater. Help! For me, it's all habitual, very little real hunger.

Solorn said...

I've figured out how you can craft with nothing! I can send you a 'Care Package' from all the stuff I'm about to de-stash and get rid of. I'd rather it went to a fellow crafter than to a charity shop that throws it away.

Susanne said...

That mudroom looks awesome! It's amazing what a few hooks and shelves can do. We put some up around here and it's made a big difference!

Butterfly Mama said...

Nice job...your mud room is awesome!!!!

Every time we drive up to Bogus Basin I still can't believe that people bike the whole way...ugh talk about a challenge! Have fun training.


Cheri said...

Good luck with your 30 Days. I'm learningit's not nearly as easy-or fun - as I thought it would be!