Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Happy Food Nazi?

So it’s probably been about a month since I started the whole Accountability to the Max stuff with my friend Smiley. I’ve been food tracking, exercising myself into the ground and avoiding temptation to the nth degree. This last week I hit a minor rut. Minor because I know I’ll get over it but still a bit discouraging since I’ve been practically perfect. But yet, somehow, not.

With the whole month of nothing it seemed like I’ve been an extra food stickler on the whole family’s sugar intake. Never getting treats or even making them. Evo-man attended a party with ice cream sundaes and ate himself sick. I know if I withhold too much my kids are bound to do exactly that when they leave the nest. Hoard and consume the bad food because they never got treated to it at home. I did that when I went off on my own.

Then I noticed that since they’ve been off processed foods and sugar for a while when they do have it certain children of mine go off the deep –end, climb walls and essentially act like Hammy the Squirrel from ‘Over The Hedge’. My favorite scene (although not in this clip) from the movie is Hammy on Caffeine. That could so be Evo-man and Princess.

Don't you think the little critters hit the whole food, food, FOOD consumption thing right on the head. 'I Want my Cookie!'

This puts me in a pickle. Give them a little sugar – go a little (I mean a lot) nuts. Be a Food Nazi and they grow-up hoarding the sugar, bingeing and needing therapy. So I’m really trying to find the happy medium.

Yesterday I tried a Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip recipe that I found online and made some cookies with my kids. They were o.k. I think I’m going to keep looking for that perfectly healthy cookie recipe, if it even exsists. The taste of our homemade cookies was good but the grit took a little getting used to. So my princesses helped me in our baking experiment and I discovered yet another reason why I don’t have junk food in the house. If it’s there I’ll consume it.

Three cookies later I headed off to my Accountability Club and weighed in for the week. (Darn that Chocolate) I’m only down ½ lb since last week and I know it’s all those tempting little cookies fault. I have absolutely no will-power if they are in the house. after a long day of them sitting around, I finally pulled them out and made the kids finish them so I no longer have any around to tempt me. I do much better without temptation. UGH!

Once the month of nothing is over I’ve got to make it a point to take my family out for ice cream or a simple dessert and not bring the my hideous addiction back into the house for it to lay assault to my mental stability.

And right now I really want that $100 bucks from Smiley. So this week I’m just going to have to dig in and figure out the whole healthy lifestyle without sending my family members into therapy because of my self imposed, anti-sugar priggish self.

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