Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Oily First

I did it. Another Fawndear first.

And once I made it through the foreign land know as the GUY’s Auto Store it was all, should I say this, – EASY!. Well I saved approximately $7 by changing the oil filter on the Excursion myself. To be honest I broke even. Because I used that $7 to buy a funnel and a filter wrench. But when it comes down to it – I saved a bunch more because I acquired a new skill and still have half a large case of oil that hasn’t been used. So my next oil change should cost approximately $4.95 or just the cost of a new filter.

Of course when I went to the auto supply store the guys there were rolling their eyeballs as I utterly demonstrated my amazing knowledge of the vehicle that I drive.

‘I’m looking for an oil filter for my Gas Sucker out there in the parking lot,’ (It was in full view by the way.)
‘What’s your vehicles make, year and engine size?’

‘Well, heck it’s the biggest thing I think Ford makes, and we bought it eight years ago – new. The engine’s real big.’
‘Is it a V6 or a V8?’
‘I dunno? Ahhhhh, where would I find that out?’

‘You have to go look at the engine and it says on it what size it is.’
‘So I just have to go look at the engine and it will say?’
So I went out popped the hood on the tank and looked at the engine. No where on it did it say what size it was. Fortunately for me there was a kind soul from my church in the store at the same time.
‘Oh that’s a V8 engine.’

‘How can you tell?’
‘It just is,’
How in the heck can you tell the size of an engine just by looking at it?
So I go back into the store and mumbled my way through the engine size. Instead of pointing me to the aisle I needed, I think the employee was so embarrassed by my lack of auto language he just went and picked out the filter for me.
I think they purposely make you feel so stupid about not knowing auto terms that you’ll be too intimidated to try and actually work on the vehicle. That’s their secret weapon. They don’t want you to know how blasted easy it is to actually change the oil filter on your car.
So once I got down to it. I had to shimmy a little but found that I could actually fit under the big beast. It might be harder to change the oil on my husbands little commute car. Might have to lose a few more lbs. to fit under it.

At first I thought this looked like the oil pan. Kind of looks like what I'd expect it to look like. But it's too clean.

Then I remembered what Susanne said about her husband draining the transmission on accident. I guess that’s the expensive, typical rookie mistake. You think they could help you out and have the word Oil next to the nut you’re supposed to unscrew. I mean they tell you up top where the oil goes in. Wouldn't it make sense to tell you where it comes out?

So after some looking I guessed that this messy drippy area was the oil pan.
And when I unscrewed the nut – well, let’s just say, good thing I had a dishpan under the nut .
So I followed the instructions that I ‘Googled’ and Easy-Peasy! I was done with the whole gooey experience in less than ½ hour.

And other than my hands – I remained spot free. Next time I'll wear my cleaning gloves. Eat your heart out Jiffy Lube!

I can’t tell you how easy it was for me. You bet I’ll be changing it myself and saving that extra $15. And I won’t be pressuring myself to buy an extra this or that like the good boys down at the garage. Maybe once a year I’ll give them the simple honor of doing it for me – just so I won’t have to crawl through ice or snow and they can vacuum up my kids crumbs too. And I’ll put my Mommy Lube sticker in the front window too. With the Return Date of ‘ ‘Whenever I darn well feel like it!’ and the recommended mileage.

Prince Erik had a look of horror on his face when I told him that I’d done it. He had known I was going to do it but I think he was surprised that I attempted it while he wasn’t around to hold my hand. What with him being the expert of changing it once or twice in his life, and all. He’s probably afraid that I did something wrong and the road is going to be getting a new oil slick soon.

But, By-Golly I did it and I did it correctly! And I’m pleased as punch with how easily I figured it out. Hummm, what do I attempt next???


Sara said...

Congratulations! You rock, dude! I totally know that I could do it---I mean, the guys at Jiffy Lube aren't rocket scientists---but I don't know that I want to yet.

Dh has found the internet to be an amazing help when it comes to these household chores. Like fixing the dryer or the washer when the hot water suddenly stopped coming out. Those people who take the time to post directions are saints.

Emily said...

Nice legs!!

fawndear said...

Those there white things - Pure Muscle Baby, Pure Muscle!

Faith said...

Yay! Good for you. I don't think I have the muscles to even loosen the nut.

Mel said...

Woohoo, you go girl! I am way impressed!

MaryLu said...

Wow, I am enormously impressed!! Not something I would attempt, though.
By the by, the rose is a Jackson & Perkins variety Rock and Roll, probably available through an on line store somewhere.

rkimedes said...

Wow, go you! And even if you ever make a mistake... the guys at Jiffy Lube mess up sometimes too. They put the wrong oil filter on my truck once, and I got halfway from austin to Dallas when all of my oil fell onto the floor and I had to pull over and call for help. Even with the EMERGENCY oil light on, it didn't seize the engine or anything, I just had to keep dumping oil into it until I could nurse it to a Pep Boys in South Dallas. I guess my point is tell Erik that this isn't an area where mistakes are the end of the world :-)