Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nothing but Still TRI-ing Week 2

Our second week of nothing but needs was nothing short of another eye-popping, awakening experience. I almost felt a giddy-high every time I walked into a store – grabbed the tiny shopping basket and walked out with Needs only. ‘Ha,’ I would think to myself, ‘you didn’t get an extra red cent out of me today – you big advertising junkie.’

There are so many things right about this week – T-rev helped me hang some clothes-line rope from our deck to a cedar tree in the back yard and so I’ve been trying to use the dryer less often. The tiny ropes, the chairs in the dining room and front room, have been draped with drying clothes all week. I try to use the chairs and couches only as drying racks over night or in the early morning when I don’t think company will be coming. I think it might drive P.E. nuts if it was a constant though. So I’m trying to figure out what else I can do to hang-dry clothes.

Prince Erik has been having fun making bread nearly every night in our bread-maker, looking up new recipes on the internet, some work other’s don’t. Give him a new cooking assignment and he’s a kid in the candy-store. How did I luck out with a cooking man? He’s also made some amazingly yummy homemade granola, whole wheat pancakes & waffles. Oh, it’s so good. The only downside is that grains and carbs are my total weakness. So this week I probably just maintained my earlier weight-loss. I’ve been super good at avoiding 99% of the baked goodness but the temptation is driving me bonkers. Fresh, still warm, homemade wheat bread with a giant slab of butter – my stomach is growling just thinking about that slice of heaven I keep denying myself.

We also wanted to get one more Sprint Triathlon in before the cold liquid sunshine comes back for the winter. Last year we did one and we were going to repeat for this year. Only problem was the entry fees were $70 a person and we really wanted our teenage boys to get their first Try and a Tri. But I wasn’t about to spend $280 for four of us to do it. So I did the next best thing.
This is where you get a glimpse into my manic exercise self. I organized a sprint Triathlon for members of my Sisters of Strength group, family and friends. I made and hung directional signs, begged Mrs. Candyman to host the event at her little private community park.

And Ya know we pulled it off with about two weeks notice. I didn’t participate in the race because I ran it, kept times, cheered and tried to make sure none of the little munchkins fell in the lake while parents were participating. We had B – bring her kayak and offer swim support, and L.C. an amazing local, professional sports photographer surprised us by showing up to capture our event. You can see some of his amazing pic’s here.

The best part was – for the cost of maybe one of us entering a real Triathlon – Abner, T-rev and Prince Erik got to do the race. And it was Abner’s and T-rev’s 1st One. They were awesome. However our distances weren’t quite at the Sprint Tri Level. I’m guesstimating the swim was 450-500 meters (more than a sprint). And they're Off!

The water was warmer than it looks, it was the air that was a bit nippy.

Here's Abner completing the Bike portion of about 11.6 miles. Poor kid did it on a big old heavy mountain bike and the course did include some good hill climbs.

T-rev powers through the end of the 2.1 mile run. (both bike and run were short but still a realistic tri).

And our winners of the 'Over-The-Hill' Tri were Mrs. Candyman (homefield advantage) and Mr. BigBE.

But we had the most perfect and beautiful September morning I can remember in a long time.

So I added up the money this morning and sadly it was around 309.60 which I was flabbergasted at seeing. But we did have to buy some more basic’s like yeast, sugar and gluten because of all the cooking we’ve been doing, stuff for our Private Tri, I purchased four more boxes of fruit to can, and the odd and ends like light bulbs, wipes etc. I was really hoping for a smaller number, but I realize that it isn’t as bad as it sounds. This coming week I really want to keep it under $100 though.

Prince Erik did have to take the car to work twice this last week because of off campus meetings but I would give him errands to run for me so I wouldn’t have to go anywhere. But can I say he’s done marvelous at taking the company bus.

Well that’s my ubber-long week summary – I’m still feeling great about the whole month of needs and really want to try and improve what isn’t working as well as continue what is.

Bonus from blogging. My kind neighbor gave me a pair of hair clippers that she was going to sell in her garage sale so now I can go attack some more head of bushy hair.


bestfamily said...

Glad your "only needs" is working out! And how awesome that you organized a mini tri! The pics were great...thanks for sharing!

Susanne said...

Fawn, you have officially reached super mom status in my book. :-) That is amazing that you organized a triathlon AND in only two weeks!!! Oh, and I have to say, I feel pretty dang lucky myself that our hubbies like to cook. Many of my friends have told me that they're jealous. ;-)

Anonymous said...

The water was COLDER than it looks...


Jodi said...

Oh how fun! I am trying to get the nerve to organize a 5K in memory of my son and as a fund raiser for CF. I am not sure I can pull it off! IT would also be an Eagle project for my 15 year old son.

So glad you stopped by my blog! Now I can stop by yours! I love it! It's so fun!!!