Sunday, September 28, 2008

My NOTHING Lesson.

Don’t ya just love eye-popping experiences? This month I’ve had a few.

But to explain my biggest lesson for the month I’ve got to take you back to Two words that always elicit failure for me. ALWAYS! They are… ‘Diet’ and ‘Budget’. Don’t you think it’s appropriate that the word Diet contains the word ‘Die’ to a T.? And I don’t know what it is about sticking to a Budget that makes it near impossible for me to do also. So I can never rely on those words. If I ever Diet or Try to Stick to a Budget I will fail. I’ve proved it over and over again for the last umpteen years.

How then do I lose weight and get healthy and how in the blazes do I control spending???
For me it’s all about reframing my thoughts or trying to view the situation with a new perspective. So I'm taking the game to a different level. For me I always have to gain control over the mental level as well. So far it's working.

This last month has been the closest I’ve ever come to trying to stick to a budget, much to my husbands chagrin. I realized early in the month that if I focused on what I couldn’t get, well, it was much harder than focusing on what was truly a need.

It’s kind of the same principle I discovered when I realized that New Year’s Resolutions by themselves just don’t cut it and for the majority of people including me. They fail within the first two weeks of setting them.

So how can I make it really work? How can I achieve my health and finance goals without the failure that crops up when I view them as just goals.

For me Will-Power doesn’t cut it either. Never has - Never will. For me I can turn it all onto the simple Disney Phrase, ‘A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes' (My cell phone ring tone, remember). Wishing isn’t enough, and Sometimes Dreams aren’t enough especially if they lack the secret Ingredient – HEART! What does heart have that will-power doesn’t? For me 'heart' means physical, mental and most importantly spiritual.

Well if the dream of being healthy doesn’t originate in my heart or the very core of my being, my spirit, well, it’s just not going to happen.

But I do believe that it’s there in my heart. I may have set-backs like a couple of brownies at a party, or buying one or two non-needs this month. But in my heart I really want these things. These are dreams that will come true. And I want them bad.

For me, myself and I sometimes my heart needs a little help and in that I turn to my Heavenly Father. I usually can't do it alone. I need to be accountable to him.

This month I’ve been able to view finances with new eyes as well. Although, I’ve still a long road to hoe, I’m a teensy, tiny bit better at seeing the blessing of simplicity. For me it’s trying to view everything I have as a gift from God: my health, family, home, knowledge, possessions, etc. If I can be a better steward of my blessings and gifts then I won’t be as wasteful of the things that I have, and I’m better apt to taking care of them. Plus I’m not as inclined to spend money for that which is of no worth. Like I said before I’ve got a long ways to go but I know I’m headed in the right direction. The key is staying in tune with my heart and viewing my dreams through it.

I wasn’t perfect this last month but I think I did pretty darn good considering the many months before. I’ll try and break it down for you in the next few days. I’m excited to make focusing on needs and my stewardships a bigger priority in my life. We are going to try and see how long we can keep a lot of the things we’ve learned going.

Just glad that THIS old dog can still learn a few new tricks every now and then.


rkimedes said...

I've been grappling with this with HRH. My experience with stir craziness over just the last 6 weeks indicates that I need to work SOME, but what is the extent of that? HRH says we're not in a position fiscally for me to stay at home, but I keep thinking when I was in college, I survived somehow on $1500/month (after taxes). When I first started at MS, HRH and I made the same, and the deal was whoever doubled their salary first, the other one got to stop working. Now we've BOTH doubled our salaries, but somehow the budget has expanded to fill that. I've been harping on having a month of Nothing But Needs all summer, but it's never quite panned out with a new baby on the way and me not being able to cook and stuff. But I did it in college, it should be possible again, right? I see a goal coming up.

Mel said...

Great lesson, it gives me something to ponder...