Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mid-summer Ups and Downs

It has been an emotional roller-coaster day. From a funeral for an amazing young man this morning to a celebration of imagination this evening with my girls.

Summer 259

My feelings are very tender right now but, I wasn’t going to cancel our celebration because I need to seize the happy moments and create and cling to them so my kids know how much I love them.

Please, Please, Please keep Sadie and her family in your prayers. It’s almost time.

I’m finally feeling like my old self – minus the extra energy. But I’m sure it’s not that far off.

So down to the happy news. The day the girls and I were waiting for finally arrived. And we finally had our Fairy Day Party!

First thing this morning, with Prince Erik’s help, I downloaded a bunch of favorite fairy songs from I-tunes and made the our very own Fairy playlist including favorites from the New Tinker Bell movie, the various Peter pan movies, Enya and much more. So throughout the day our ears feasted on fairy music. And when my feet were not dancing, my heart was.

This evening we donned our wings, fairy face paint and took our party outdoors – music and all. Hope the neighbors didn’t mind.

We read fairy books…

Danced to our heart’s content…

Summer 282

Built fairy houses in the garden…

Summer 345

Searched the grass for fairies.

Summer 271

And drank some Raspberry-Lemonade Fairy Berry Punch. The setting was a bit cold and windy at first but then it settled down into a beautiful evening.

Summer 330

Where not even the red-neck pitchfork light pole could distract from the atmosphere.

Summer 328

Such an enchanting evening.

Summer 321

Full of magical fairy lights, music, giggling children and lots of smiles.

I am so making the a yearly tradition.

Summer 355

The wee ones are tuckered out and will soon be tucked in bed. I think however I’ll leave the light’s on tonight and spy through the window to see if the fairies come to enjoy them.

Summer 358


Lisa said...

How beautiful and what a lovley day for little girls (and mommies). My girls would love a day dedicated to the fairy folk!

Lisa :)

Lisa said...

I am so sorry about your loss. What a strong lady to continue the fairy celebration, I don't know if I could have done that.


Tink said...

That is so neat! And you know how I love fairies! Sounds like you spread around a lot of pixie dust at your pixie hollow! I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. My thoughts are with you. I, too, lost a dear friend this week. Quite sudden. A heart attack. Known him since I was born.

Anonymous said...

Fawn, I'm so sorry about the loss of your son's friend. I had a 2nd cousin that was killed by a semi a couple months after we graduated and I still think about him every once in a while.

What an exquisitly enchanting fairy time you had with your family! I wish it was cool enough here to have had our dinner outside. it was 101 yesterday! (that's why the fairies visited our front room... the rest of the house was a disaster!)
:) Missy