Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Music Video Debut

Vote for Abner.  It’s worth it – Trust me.

So my son Abner is at the movie making thing again.  He made his first ever music video for a contest by the musician Matt Brouwer and, like his mom, he waited until the last second to do it.  He used our ancient video camera and dinosaur of a computer to make this little here ditty.  Now comes the mom part.  I want him to win the contest.  Not because I’m his mom (although that may make me biased), but because I think it’s the more creative of the two videos.  And of course I’d love it if he could get the money – you know- less out of my empty pocket to pay for college and all.  So check out his first ever music video and if you feel so inclined vote for him or rate him by picking how many stars you feel he deserves. 

Click on the picture then select the video ‘Come Back Around Music Video’, by abner.

Come Back Around

Yep that’s Prince Erik and Hope.  Abner used them as his little actors because that’s all he had available since he waited until the last minute to film.  I think Hope’s awesome.  Makes me want to go play at the park with her. 

Regardless he made this video, recording, editing, special effects and all in around 8 hours.  The boys a genius (mom’s opinion again).  I can’t imagine how awesome his movies could be if he actually put more time in them.

I think my blog slump is about over.  I’ve got oodles and fun posts waiting to pop out for you.  Just have to charge my camera batteries first.  See you soon.




Anonymous said...

Amazing, beautiful, touching. Love it! Hope he wins!


utmomof 5 said...

His was WAY better than the other one!! I hope he wins

GO Gray's said...

I loved it!!! Because of it I am getting off the computer right now and gonna go play with the kids!!!! He's very talented and should pursue this.

p.s. Tell Eric he was amazing also.

Keri-Ann said...

Did he win?

Keri-Ann said...

Nevermind, I see now, June 30th. He realy did a fabulous job!