Friday, June 26, 2009

More magic… well kind of…

So the girls woke up this morning and I remembered that I had left the fairy party lights on over night for the fairies. So being the money/energy conscience mom that I am I sent Lea out back to unplug the lights. She came storming back into the house saying the fairies had come.

So we dragged our still pajama clad bodies out into the backyard to to the scene of last night’s festivities and look at what we found.

Summer 361

A fairy(?) flower ring in the grass. The girls were totally enthralled. In fact I’ve had a hard time keeping them in the house at all today. Seems the fairies have finally tempted them away from their regular forms of electronic entertainment. Yahoo! Princess kept checking on her new fairy house to see if any visitors had dropped by.

Summer 364

I wasn’t about to tell them that I happened to spy some teenage brothers garden gnomes out early this morning helping the flowers into the ground.

In other news I’m famous. Disney thinks so highly of me they’ve decided to base one of their Pixie Hollow darlings on me. I’m beyond thrilled. They nailed my likeness down to the long brown hair, brown eyes, bangs and other oddities.

Summer 367

See she even looks good in brown. And thankfully Fawn is the most modest fairy of the whole bunch at pixie hollow. The only thing Disney forgot to do was send me my complimentary doll as a thank you for naming one of their new fairies after me.

Summer 366

oh well, I just had to get a copy of me for myself. Can you blame me? My girls are jealous. I haven’t let them play with her yet. The doll that is – they get to play with the real life version every day.

I’ve been busily brewing up a Mad storm in the kitchen getting ready for the Mad Hatter Tea Party on Saturday.

Mad Tea Party

You should join us. Should be madly fun.


Honey Mommy said...

How fun for your little girls. I am afraid my boys will never be entranced by fairies and flowers!

Jane said...

I loved the idea of a fairy ring how truly magical for your girls! I have some older teen boys too and they thought my pony I had knitted looked liked Road Kill before I had sown it together. At lest yours were helping and not just sharing there comments. : ) Boys

Anonymous said...

congratulations on becoming famous via Disney! and I don't blame you one bit, keeping that cute pixie away from little hands.
:) Missy

Tink said...

What a wonderful delight to wake up to and you have thee funnest family with wonderful imaginations! Truly magical! Let your daughter know I visited her little fairy house and sprinkled a little pixie dust for her! ;)

An Ordinary Mom said...

What a fun and ingenious idea you had! Love the creativity ... hope it is still going magical!