Thursday, June 18, 2009

Demands from the Prince

So Prince Erik demanded I get better.  He said he refuses to let me be sick any longer.  I think the laundry and dishes for 8 people have finally got to him.  He’s only been, kind of, doing them for two weeks now and honestly the house looks like a hurricane hit, war zone, jungle overgrowth, you name it.  Not entirely his fault,  I slacked on getting the kids to pitch in, or even clean up their messes when they  made them.

You’d think I was faking or something so I finally hauled my body to the Dr. (for the second time) and the Dr. confirmed I was still sick.  Something about a sinus/respiratory infection.  It helped that I couldn’t stop coughing and still had a fever.   I walked away with several different kinds of medicine and a Dr’s note for my husband that said I could continue to laze about like an overgrown couch potato.  Well the note didn’t quite say that.  Hopefully the meds will kick in fast.

He took his demand for a housekeeper back and is working from home today so he can get the kids off to school and cater to my every whim.  There’s something criminal about kids still being in school with June being almost over.

Honestly I would rather be doing a million things from weeding my secret garden, de-junking and de-germing my house to getting ready for Fairy day  than to be held hostage by a stupid sick bug.  I really don’t like being unproductive. 

And I so wish you could just demand your illnesses away.  And I totally get Prince Erik’s point of view.  If I had to do my job and his too, because he was lying in bed or on the couch reading or playing video games while making obnoxious  phlegm-expelling sounds, it would get old really fast.  I don’t think I’d have his patience.  I’d probably demand he get better too.  Poor guy.  At least we can be grateful that he hasn’t caught whatever it is that attacked me.  Imagine two whining unproductive parents.  Now that would be a nightmare. 


Tink said...

Wow! Sounds like you've been seriously sick! And it sounds like your house would be in the exact same shape as my house with hubby taking over! I hope you get feeling better soon. Sounds awful! And my daughter's still in school too until the first week of July!

Treasure Ann said...

Hope you feel better soon. But don't stress out about getting back to doing house chores, that will only aggravate the cold symptoms more. Just take it easy and take your time getting better, with as much needed rest.

Trena Doll said...

get well, soon!