Monday, June 22, 2009

Hugging Kids – Forget the Germs.

Hopefully I’m still not contagious because my kids are getting lots of hugs and loves from mom.  Germs be Darned! 


I figure if they haven’t caught it after 2  1/2 weeks then they are already immune.  Went back to the Dr. on Saturday only to find out they had misdiagnosed me on Wednesday.

 Summer 075

Don’t you like the new fashion statement.  And even while I was wearing it everyone still gave me a wide berth.  I guess my bark was pretty scary.  Trying to take my pulse and look down my throat while standing 10 feet away is quite the stretch, but they managed.  Like I was their personal demon sent to torture them. 

Turn’s out I had Bronchitis.  So now I’m finally on medication that helps me breath without hacking.  I’m in love with cough medicine with Codeine.  I’m going to have to destroy the meds when I’m feeling better so I’m not tempted to go to Codeine la-la land to escape.   Now I’m just grateful to be sleeping again.

Why so much hugging!  It’s been a sad weekend.  Friday was the last day of school, and a normally joyous occasion.  However a friend of my older boys was killed in a tragic car accident on the way home from school.  Makes you suck in a deep breath and re-prioritize on the spot.  Can’t let a moment, let alone day, go by without my kids knowing how much I love them – regardless if they are trying to send me to the Looney Bin with their antics.  You never know when something like this can ring your bell.

‘ Ah…, mom, why are you hugging me again?’

‘Cause I love you!’

‘Yeah, okay, thanks.’

I’m sure the rolling of the eyes, and look debating my mental stability will eventually go away when they get used to my actions.

I’ve also been touched because sweet Sadie is getting close to finishing her earthly mission.  Again and again I am humbled and moved by the faith of Sadie and her family.  She’s been battling this monster for 15 months.  Keep her family and all those suffering in your prayers.

So I’ve been spending a lot of time with the girls lately just trying to have fun and also getting them ready for our families first celebration of Fairy Day.  

fairy day

Today we  finished our fairy wings and we’ve started trying to clean up the dwelling we call home. 

Summer 118

I’ve read that fairy’s are partial to neat and tidy places and they’ll play pranks on lazy, clutter creatures. It’s enough to motivate me to enlist my little kids help in the whole tidy-up process.  I’m not that good at being on the receiving end of being pranked.

We’ve also been experimenting on our fairy faces.

Summer 043

I’m having as much fun as a kid at the carnival getting ready.  I’ve posted how to make the fairy wings over at my other home MommyBlessings.

It makes sense to every once in a while just throw off the concerns of the world, the nasty news, and concentrate on spending quality time with the kids, playing with them, making memories, loving them.  And I fully intend to do a lot of that this summer.


Sara said...

The time with our kids is short, isn't it?

I'm glad they've got you diagnosed properly and you've got meds now. I hope it goes away soon! It's nice to see you back.

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Get well soon! I love that codeine stuff myself.

Beth said...

Oh Fawn, I hope you get well very soon now.
The wings turned out so pretty! We made some just like that a few years ago, but found crazy colored knee-hi nylons at walmart. It was so fun!
By the way, I have a watermelon award for you if you would like it! You can check it out on my blog.

Lisa Olander said...

Phenergan with codiene is the only way to sleep at night with nasty cough...surprised Erik didn't tell you...ha ha

Sorry to hear about the other but keep hugging your kids! Keep on hugging and don't worry about the eye rolling...secretly they want it as much as you want to give it.

You have such wonderful ideas....I wish you were close to me so Darling Daughter could be included in the adventures....

Hope you are feeling better soon. We only have a couple of weeks till reunion time....