Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bless Him

In the past three days I’ve done absolutely nothing around the house.  Haven’t picked up one thing off the floor, washed one load of dishes, or laundry for that matter.  Had my drinks delivered too me in bed while reading to my hearts content. 


Why so spoiled?

Maybe because I’m the queen of this house.

sick house

Our family has been attacked by the phlegm/fever monster to the Nth degree.

First Hope and Princess succumbed to it’s nastiness.  Gaining double ear infections, pink eye, rampant fever’s and juicy spewing coughs.  It wasn’t long before their chief nurse (Me) caught up with them.  

Does anyone know where we could purchase these here hats?

stuffy head

Prince Erik has been wonderful – taking care of the kids and house.  I’m afraid that he may shortly follow my footsteps because he’s starting to show signs of stuffiness in the head.  Poor Guy!

I pray I’ll feel better soon because there’s an unpleasant aroma leaking out of the laundry room.  And if I can smell it through my stuffy nose it must be bad. 

That and the tender seedling in my garden are  pitifully crying for relief from and slugs and snails that ravage their tender shoots nightly.  And the weeds are threatening to strangle what life is left in their little munched on bodies.

Until then I’ll continue to be a good girl and relax as Dr. Prince Erik has suggested I do.  Hopefully speeding my recovery.

I know, in between wiping my nose and making frequent visits to the master throne room I can relax by visiting a wonderfully soothing blog that Beth at Road To Joy turned me onto called

Button Willow Cottage.

button willow

I go there often when I want to connect with my inner Anne-girl.

Another place I love to  take extended brain vacations at is with Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist…

A fanciful twist

In fact I’m fully intending on joining Vanessa at her upcoming Mad  Tea Party on June 27th.  You should come too.

Mad Tea Party

As you know I’m quite mad already and any excuse to dress wild and crazy with my kids is just too much fun to resist.

And while relaxing with my tissue’s and books in bed I can still dream of someday getting a real spa day.  Until then I be happy if Jodi of Beacon of Hope could get her secret wish.  She wants to win a year of spa days and be Sego Lily Day Spa’s Blogger.  Vote for her to win and at least I can get a vicarious spa day every now and then.  Go HERE and leave a comment for her to win.

O.K. now that I’m feeling totally relaxed except for the stuffy hot-head fit to burst I think I'll find another book to read.  And plan on how to pamper my husband when he falls prey to this vicious illness.


Sara said...

Ick! I wondered where you disappeared to! I hope you and your whole family get better soon.

Dawn said...

I am so sorry you are not feeling well, can i do anything to help? I miss you, i hope you feel better soon.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Hope you're feeling better soon--thank goodness for a helpmate and good reading to get you through, right?