Sunday, November 15, 2009

Enter a Post Title Here cause I can’t think of one.

I was away this weekend and all the sewing I was planning on doing, well, it didn’t get done.  Big Surprise (Imagine that Big Surprise dripping with sarcasm and you've got it right.)

I spent Saturday split between hacking up a lung and visiting the doctor; all the while, getting evil looks from everyone in the clinic.  You’d have thought me a walking bomb.  Imagine the nurse trying to talk my pulse, and look down my throat, while standing six feet away.  They should have just donned some bio-hazard suits.  Then it was off to wait in line with a bazillion other sick people waiting to get their prescriptions filled.  Three weeks was way to long to have a cough and I had finally developed a fever so the Hubster ordered that I go visit the clinic.  What a fun day.

Broncitis again – Drat.  That’s twice in four months.  Not fair.  But I’m happily drugged up and hopefully on the mend.  I’m thankful for Drugs, and I’m thankful it’s not H1N1.

Knock on wood.  Okay, I’m pounding on wood hoping that one skips our family.  I’ve been out of action way to long and my house will self-implode with clutter if we catch any other nasty bug.

I had the most wonderful witty Family Christmas Letter ready to post yesterday, but the place I was staying at didn’t have internet service and the most ROTFL post I’ve ever written accidently got deleted.  Maybe, sometime later this week I’ll attempt to find that humorous magic and enthrall you with what a real Family Christmas Letter should read like.  Meanwhile I’m Thankful that I have Internet again.

Needless to say, after once again venting on the downers of the weekend.  I’m thankful it’s over.  Thankful for modern medicine, Thankful for watching umpteen episodes of ‘Clean House’ (you know building up motivation for when I can move again without coughing up a cow), and Thankful for my awesome Prince who did all the dishes tonight.  I’ll be even more thankful if someone wants to fold that mountain of clean clothes on my bed. 


Okay,  I knew that 0ne was wishful thinking.  I guess I’m thankful there is a pile of clean clothing instead of dirty laundry.   Thankful, Thankful, Thankful. 


Sara said...

I hope you're feeling better pronto! We're going through the same thing. Cleaning starts today!!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh that stinks. Heal yourself, dear!

princessmama said...

Hope you feel better soon!