Friday, November 6, 2009

It’s raining, it’s pouring

I know the Pacific Northwest is known for it’s rain.  But normally our rain is more of a constant drizzle.  Today however, we had a rip-roaring, gully-washer of a downpour without the gully washing of course.  It was a-coming down here like someone opened the power-washer on full, a couple of different times today.  The sheets of water were pounding down so hard on the roof I was convinced the hard rain would pull down branches off of trees.

So today, I am soooooo Thankful that wretched hole in our roof was patched last summer.  Otherwise I would have been running around with buckets in the front room stemming the incoming waterfall.  So thankful my roof is leak free.

That way I can just sit in a comfy chair, watch the torrent outside the window and dream of beings who love this type of weather.  I imagine there were some fun baseball games going on in the mountains today.  Oh, my depraved, guilty obsession knows no bounds.

I normally would have taken the heavy rain as an occasion to dance in the rain.  See what a skinny thing I was last year.  UGH to this year!  But this silly cough isn’t letting go so the rain dance will wait, until the next downpour.

I’m loving and so Thankful that my messed up house is still weather safe in a storm. 


laterg8r said...

so glad that you have a good roof - it was super windy here and branches and leaves were flying everywhere!

ps - totally got your twilight reference

Trena Doll said...

glad you're staying warm & dry, although I'm sure you'd rather be dancing in the puddles. :)

Arrow said...

Send some of that rain down here!