Friday, November 20, 2009

Cat Envy

Our dog Itchy has developed some rather strange habits since Pumpkin – the Ninja Kitty joined the family.  I can only assume that Itchy is suffering from Cat Envy.

How Do You Know When Your Dog Has Cat Envy?

The Symptoms:

1.  The Canine suddenly loses interest in her big comfy dog bed and invades the kitten’s sleeping pillow (even though it’s too small) – befouling it with dog hair in an attempt to drive kitty from it’s sleeping place.

2.   Dog suddenly loses appetite for all things dog food related.  Would rather down a bag of cat food instead.  (Note to owner:  Feed animals in separate rooms insuring that the kitty doesn’t starve.)

3.  When your large Lab pretends to be an itty bitty wee thing and curl up in your lap.  You know for sure it is suffering from Cat Envy.

The Cure:

1.  Pay attention to the dog as well, otherwise it may start meowing.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

This clinches it: dogs are just like kids.

Jane said...

my little turning two year old has been behaving as our grouchy cat, wanting to be petted and if were not careful we may get bitten if we dont pay enough attention. Hmmmm Is that what happens with the fifth child?: )

Harriett said...

Hi Fawn, I know it's been awhile. Hope things are going well.
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