Thursday, November 5, 2009

Missing Fur ball

We we had our first Pumpkin scare today.  Earlier in the afternoon I remembered Hope chasing our new ninja kitty through the house.  I have to constantly remind her to be gentle and not carry him around so much. 

Pumpkin however is getting wiser by the day and now uses his lightening quick reflexes to try and allude her smothering hands.

After about 15 minutes of Cat and Mouse Hope (although to be honest she was the Cat in this scenario), Hope came up to me and informed me that she had lost ‘Pumpkin’.

We couldn’t find the little fur ball anywhere and I was starting to panic.  Imagining Hope had accidently off’d the poor creature wasn’t out of the realm of my imagination.  My kids have unintentionally shorted the lives of many a family pet.  Like rocks through fish tanks (air-drowned fish), forgetting to close the hamster cage door (starved escaped hamster), and one poor kitty that got flown into a wall by a nameless three year old boy (The kitty didn’t survived the crash). 

So seeing my kid’s unintentional track record with animals I was more than a little freaked out.  Because we all love Pumpkin. 

Needless to say, we  tore the house apart looking for the little guy.  I was ready to call a duct cleaning guy and have him come fish a kitty out of the air vents under the bathroom counter, Yes, I was that desperate to find the little creature.

Three hours later, Pumpkin saunters around the corner, pauses to stop stretch and yawn, then jumps up into my lap like nothing ever happened.

Fall 008

The sly little ninja kitty had successfully secluded himself in a secret location somewhere in the craft room.  I take that as a hint it’s become cluttered again. 

Sneaky little fur ball.

On my clutter quest I did clean off this.

Fall 639

And after thrifting a few more items it became this.

Fall 642

Sorry about the glare.

Wasn’t it the other day that I just posted that there were 100 days until Christmas.   Imagine then my shock when I saw this today…

Christmas countdown banner

No way is it half way here and I find myself in the predicament of only still needing to do 100 days worth of stuff.

I’m on it.

But today I’m Thankful that ‘Pumpkin – the Ninja Kitty’ didn’t meet it’s demise at the hands of Hope.  Whew!


laterg8r said...

so happy you found punkin alive and well :D

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Atta way to tackle those shelves!!! Glad you found the cat okay. Yeah, kids can be pretty tough on animals.

princessmama said...

So glad pumpkin is alright :)

Those shelves look fantastic

prashant said...

kids can be pretty tough on animals. Work from home India