Friday, November 20, 2009

My Hot Date, or so I thought

So I’ve had this hot date planned for a couple of months.

Purchased my tickets online the very hour they were made available (Yes, I’m that obsessed).

Outfit and accessories to match, cleaned and ready to wear.

Got extra rest the night before cause I knew I was going to be out all night tonight.

Even had a like-minded obsessed mom friend post a reminder on my front door.  Who cares if it gagged my teenage boys out.  Yes, the word ‘Ewwww,’ escaped their lips when they first saw it.  Prince Erik just sighed and rolled his eyes.

Fall 319

We all need time with our inner school-girl and I was so ready to spend that time with all my other   .   .   .    Can’t-Make-Me-Grow-Up Sist-Ah’s.


When this morning rolled around, my cough had found me again, as had more achy muscles, and some nice chills.    The symptoms remained, even after I threw everything the Dr. had given me at them. I immediately knew I was going to have to miss out on the big festivities.

So I let my inner school-girl out and cried like a true drama queen,  Waaaahhh!, but not in front of the children.  Then I gave my tickets away and made my friends promise to go with me when I do finally feel like I can Scream, Giggle, Hoot, Cry, and Swoon without coughing.  Let’s pray that happens soon because I need me some brain vacation time and I need it bad.

And at this moment when my Obsession is playing out at midnight premiere’s, on movie screens, in my neck of the woods, I’m cuddled up on the couch with my alternative Hot Date -  Sweet Pumpkin – hoping that the ‘Eclipse’ Midnight Premiere get’s here before I know it.

Regardless,  I’m thankful for all the vicarious craziness played out by women just like me the world over.  It’s nice to know I’m not the only lady with the heart of a teenage girl masquerading in an old girl body.

And since I know how the movie ends – Yes, because I’ve read the book or listened to it too many times to actually count – let me know what you thought of it?  Don’t worry you won’t spoil a thing.  Just want some vicarious fun.


Beth said...

It was AWESOME!!!! Oh, was that too much? We actually got to go to an advanced screening at 7pm 'cause Lucy's Marching Band set it up as a fund raiser. That was a brilliant idea! Sold every ticket! Anyway, we all loved it, I totally cried when Edward left Bella, and when she had her terrible nightmares. Jacob was incredibly hot, but still not my preference, heehee!(just can't stop seeing him as Shark Boy!) The scenes of Edward sparkling were amazing. The Volturi were terrifying. Great special effects! YOu will love it - and it will be worth the wait. I hope you feel better soon! I'm sending wellness thoughts your way!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh that is just NO FAIR to get sick when you're looking forward so much to something.

Natalie said...

I HAD that poster! I gave it away though because I thought he was way to ugly in it. Now I wish I hadn't given Olivia my Taylor Lautner poster, and I could make him say, "Can't wait for our date! Please don't be jealous of Bella, and don't make me mad. But you wouldn't do that anyway. See you soon!" Yeah I know, a little extreme for an 11 year old girl. Oh well. Get well soon!

Debs said...

I have totally been waiting for your post on this so I could live vicariously through YOU! I'm so sorry, what a downer. Love you though.

Susanne said...

Hope you're feeling better!! I've come down with a cold, too. Yuck. But I saw the movie on Saturday with Nate and LOVED it!! I didn't really like the first movie, so I was really happy that they did a way better job this time!

Natalie said...

Me again! I think it might me just my crazy-ness, but I thought the movie was lame. Then again, I think Robert Pattison is ugly. Jacob, even as a jerk in Eclipse, is awesome. When they were in Italy I couldn't wait for Jane to torture him already. Dakota Fanning did AWESOME as Jane! Loved that partm and the parts where Taylor Lautner is shirtless (a girl can dream, right?).