Saturday, July 3, 2010

Going Full Tilt – Mad Mom Style

It was of course, one of those weeks. There must have been a bazillion things on my To-Do List. Three words can describe the Highlights. Strawberries, Chocolate, & Romance. Now before you click elsewhere, it’s not what you think.

I helped out with a Pre-teen Girls camp on three different days. Friday I even hosted the Madness at my house. Hold on, before you think the below photo is a gruesome crime scene, as my husband did when he first saw it, let me assure you it wasn’t horrific at all.

Spring 2061

More than twenty girls, 8-to-12 year olds, were within my walls. Somehow, my walls and sanity are still standing.

The theme of the day Spa Day. Here’s where the Chocolate comes into play. We made a Chocolate Face Masks for the girls. They loved it and some couldn’t resist sampling their beauty potions. ‘Shiver.’ There you go, that’s as scary as it gets.

Here’s the breakdown, blackmail pictures and recipes for our Spa Day if you ever consider doing something similar. Click HERE.

In addition to those busier than all busy-ness days. I dragged my little slave laborers down to the U-pick Strawberry Fields for our yearly tradition of Pick and Whine.

Spring 1928

The Strawberry bushes were loaded like I’ve never seen before.

Spring 1932

Which made me giddy with excitement after last year’s dismal yield where I made them hunt and pick, then hunt and pick, but it was more of a hunt because there wasn’t much to pick. This year was easy.

Spring 1930

Princess and Hope found it was a lot more fun to pick up dirt clods and chuck them at people, mostly family members, (thank goodness) than pick strawberries.

Spring 1940

They also couldn’t resist searching for Ladybugs, which were abundant. So Lea and T-rev were my only true helpers.

Spring 1931

So after an hour of dodging flying dirt clods, chasing sprinting four year olds hither and yon, and ruining one pair of white pants, we managed to pick 24 lbs. of Red Goodness.

Spring 1934

What was I thinking? White Pant, plus dirt and strawberries = Insanity.

Spring 1938

Then, upon returning home, we discovered discover our freezer, where I was planning on storing our haul, had totally defrosted. I guess the breaker thingy had flipped and needed to be reset, uh, like a week ago. So we sadly tossed out a ton of food. I guess the good thing is I didn’t have to defrost it. It defrosted itself. Now the strawberries have plenty of room for storage.

As for the Romance. You might be thinking it was insanity to choose giving up even more sleep than usual to attend some Saga’s Third Movie Midnight release. But I didn’t attend for the romance, I attended for the fun with friends. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Yeah.

Spring 2059

A group of about 20 of my friends and I decided it was high time for a girls Late night out.

Have to share this ditty that my Sis-in-Law sent out. I know for a fact she wasn’t thinking of me when she forwarded it. Yeah, this definitely doesn’t describe me.

No, that wasn’t my romance moment.

It was this.

Spring 2129

My Prince Erik whisked me off to our first date in a long, long time. We saw the flick ‘Knight and Day’ and had a great time. Dear Prince, Thanks for being the real thing.


The Trio said...

I loved your whole story! From "gruesome" chocolate scene (ha ha) to the YouTube video. This is so you! Creativity to the max (with a little wife/mom "fun" mixed in). Hope you have lots of exciting adventures to write about from the 4th of July!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Look at all those amazing strawberries...yum! I am writing to you to let you know that you were the winner of my giveaway during the Mad Tea Party festivities. Here's the link for you again:
Please email me with your address so I can send your goody to you! Happy 4th of July! :) Theresa

laterg8r said...

you are very brave :D

Arrow said...

Now I'm worried--my wife has just watched the video you posted twice!

Natalie said...

Awwww.. :)

I'm going to see Eclipse tonight. Can't wait!

Those strawberries look great! If you hadn't tried dipping them in white sugar, it tastes really good! So does cutting out the middle, filling it halfway with white sugar, and pouring orange juice on top of it. But don't get too carried away... ;)

Karen said...

The girls did have SO MUCH Fun!
Thanks for all you did, you were stellar!!!
Now you must share... What was the best line in the movie? And you know which one I mean!

fawndear said...

By far the best line was from Jacob to Edward in the tent.

'You have to admit, I'm hotter than you are.'

Maybe not exact words but close enough.