Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Tale of Two Raspberries.

Hey Mom! 

Does This Get Your Attention?

Spring 2193

See my Mommy heard that I was thinking about going to pick some local raspberries and she thought it might entice her into making a trip up to my neck of the woods.  So how does this look, Huh, Mom?

Spring 2187

Raspberries.  My Favorite Berry by Far.

Spring 2192

Today Miss Lea was my only helper.  Didn’t feel like chasing Hope down aisles and aisles of plants and T-rev stayed home to take care of Princess who is the latest recipient of the nasty Stomach bug. 

Spring 2196 

But Lea, she’s amazing, within an hour she helped me pick the biggest, most beautiful raspberries I’ve ever seen.  Of course it helps that it’s opening day of picking them.  But Wow,  They were Mongo Berries and Plentiful.

Spring 2197 

Twenty Six Pounds of Perfection!

Spring 2194

I can almost taste the Raspberry Cheesecake,  Home-made Raspberry Ice Cream, and Raspberry/Lemonade.

Then I got home and started the process of cleaning, freezing, eating a few raw handfuls, and repeating.

I couldn’t help but want to compare them to the wee little raspberries I’ve been growing in my weed patch out back.  You know the place – My Secret Garden.

Spring 2209

Somewhere in all those weeds lie a few berry bushes screaming for my attention.  And on them lay some wee little berries.

Spring 2206

Disclaimer:  (T-rev wanted you to know that he’s the hand model.  Thinks it might be a profession that he can fall back on if his animation dreams don’t pan out.)

Berry Farm Gigantor Picks on one side.

My Wee Raspberries on the other.

Guess which ones taste better?

I was shocked that my weed-starved mini balls of red delish were sweeter, less tart.  More Yummy!

Then I got to thinking – isn’t that the way the world works.  Wrap things up so they are in very appealing packages – be they fashion models, homes, cars… tantalizing us with their perfection. Making us want them more, even above that which is right under our very noses.

I’d like to think of myself as one of my raspberries.  Yes, I’ve been choked by unbloggable weeds, sometimes neglecting self-care, physical and spiritual.  But yet, even though my circumstances are not perfect.  By Dingy – I’m a whole lot better than some of those shallow celebrities out there screaming for my box-office dollar.  Got a heap more flavor-able integrity and honor than more than half the elected officials in government.  Although I reside in a red-neck, messy and often falling apart home; I’ve got a home and family that knows they are loved.  Yes, there’s a mom here that is willing to listen, love and clean up buckets full of puke on a consistent basis. 

So once I’m done freezing the Okay tasting but beautiful berries Lea helped me pick today (save them for shakes and baking).  I’m going to go collect some real treasures in my own backyard and those are the berries that are going to get the place on honor on our cheesecake tonight.

Spring 2151

I’m not condoning cannibalism.  Not going to put myself on the cheesecake – just saying.  It was a comparison. 

Sometimes it’s what’s inside that counts.  


Natalie said...

Mmm... sounds delicious!

laterg8r said...

totally true - your berries have no pesticides etc :D

The Trio said...

Your pictures are amazing....I could almost taste the raspberries. Wish we had u-pick farms around here....wish my kids ate berries of any kind. You are wonderful at finding the blessing in any situation.

Beth said...

Oh, Fawn!! Your berries are beautiful! I am jealous of both. They are my favorite berry, tied with strawberries! And I love your analogy - it's perfect.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I love the insight of this post. Brilliant. And totally true. Smaller is sweeter in berries and in life.

cking said...

mmmmmmmm, raspberries!

Arrow said...

I must say, for me it's a toss up between raspberries and strawberries. By the way T-rev, that is one interesting fallback job!