Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Walking Wonders

I’ve been keep the kids busy walking this summer.  Walking  is mighty cheap as far as activities go.  And cheap is about all I can afford right now.  The trick is to pick new locations to meander through, otherwise I’m in for a moan-fest.

One of their favorite places to explore is the local river.

Summer 334

What kid doesn’t like skipping rocks or digging their hands and feet into nice warm sand.

Summer 353

However, our successful venture with the Fairy Tree House has them all itching to create new dwellings.   So when walking along the river you should have seen how excited they got when passing log-jams (now above water since the spring flood waters have receded).  It’s almost like treasure hunting.

Summer 357

Just look at what they finagled me into letting them haul home.  Lea wants another fairy house for her bedroom.  T-rev is positively giddy about the prospects of building a Halo War Command Combat Tree Fort Base (something, something).  Evo-Man just wants to carve a branch into a sword.  Geez, some boys never grow up – Bless Em’.  They must be their mother’s sons.  That and it’s free, and they are enlarging their creative minds.  How can I say no?

Summer 359

Wow, and we’ve free wood for the fire pit if they get lazy.

You wouldn’t believe how this enormous stump got me dreaming of renting a crane, and semi-flatbed truck to haul it back to my backyard.  Can’t you just see and entire Fairy City hidden in all it’s nooks and crannies.  Sometimes my imagination is a curse, what with wanting an old stump this bad.  I probably sat and stared at it for a good 10 minutes.  It was a nice dream.

Summer 358

Fortunately my kids stayed with me.  They are used to seeing mom take a quick jaunt to dreamland. 

Oh, and wading in a cool stream on a warm day is positively Blissful.

Summer 340

Maybe it’s just me but I swear I see tiny flakes of Gold Pixie Dust running all along the river.

Summer 405

And when we can’t go to the river we go to the enchanted woods.  The Lost Boys never explored something this breath-taking.  Lily pad covered ponds with amazingly blue and turquoise dragonflies skimming over the mirror still water.  You can almost sense the enchantment floating all around you.

Summer 447 

The Dragonflies wings always fascinate me,  so delicate and swift.   This picture doesn’t do their glimmering color justice. 

Summer 260

And in the woods if you look out the side of your eye you might just see a sunbeam glance off a fairies wings.

Summer 450 

And should Hopes wee legs get tired as she traverses the wooded path… well…

Summer 467

There’s always a big brother willing to offer her a ride.

Summer 472  

I think I must live in the most beautiful place on Earth.  Go ahead, Wow me with views of your neck of the woods.  Are they as enchanting as mine?


LissyLou said...

really pretty....and yes i can see the pixie dust too xx

momma rae said...

beautiful!! you were surely surrounded by fairies a million! ;)

Diane said...

Your photos are really nice. Due to a small fish pond in our back yard we have dragonflys. Right now there are 4 that live with us. I say live with us because if we are in the front yard they are there if we are in the back yard they come to us there. So fun to watch and they will land on your finger if you stand still.

Sara said...

Nice pics! and I love the new look.

Richins Family said...

Sounds like a wonderful adventure. You do live in a beautiful place. I am surrounded by Junipers and sagebrush, but we think it is beautiful here too. Luckily, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Glad you were able to have such a grand adventure with the kiddos and thanks for the idea of creative walks. Did the kids catch anything with their nets?

Linda in New Mexico said...

I hate doing this especially this way but I just got out of the hospital and need to tell you I will not be participating in your lovely Peter pan inspired activity. I will be watching but not doing. Please accept my apologizes, pneumonia just leaves you weak and I don't seem to be able to kick this stuff. Thought I'd let you know in time to take my name off http://lindaomasoldebaggsnstuftshirts

The Littlest Thistle said...

oh man, in my next life can I come back as one of your kids? What a great way to spend a summer!

Lilly Briar said...

I would want that tree stump for my own backyard myself! I'm glad I'm not the only one who looks at something like that and automatically thinks of faeries!
That reminds me, I'm really looking forward to the Second Star To The Right blog party! Thank you so much for having a Peter-Pan themed party because I've loved Peter Pan so much ever since I was a child! I hope that what I have planned for that day will be an improvement on my former blog-party entries.
I also wanted to thank you for leaving a comment on my post about over spending and craft supplies, as well as just taking the time to read it. It makes me feel better that someone else knows what I'm going through. Maybe we can beat the craft-supply-spending addiction together! (LOL) It's not our fault though: we're both creative and can both look at things and see endless possibilities ... like tree stumps!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a gorgeous place. The best, free fun! Our woods are so mosquito infested that they aren't much fun right now.

Natalie said...

I see the pixie dust, too, and that is such a great picture I am going to save it and use it as my screen saver. :D