Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Days

As a child I remember dreadfully long, hot summer days.  The kind of days that lingered and never seemed to end, no matter how many otter-pops you ate or how sopping wet you were after running through the sprinklers.  I especially remember the days spent on my childhood farm.  The quiet of the country mixed with the chirping of birds, and the occasional meow or bark.

Summer 072

Now, that I’m grown I yearn for those never-ending days.   I can see the time stretch in my children’s eyes as they mention they are tired of certain summer projects or activities, but yet time doesn’t linger for me anymore.

I’ve been trying to make the most of these speedy days and this week especially, we are working on completing a couple of dream projects.  Can’t wait to tell you about them.  Here’s some hints.

Summer 038

Meaningless photos that carry so much summer magic for my kids and me. 

Wonder if you can guess what we’re up too?

Spring 2123

Bet the neighbor’s are hoping that we are finally getting around to tackling all those weeds. 

Uhhhhhm, soon I promise.

I’m not the only one dreaming.  A wonderful friend took Prince Erik fishing over the weekend.  Now my Prince can’t catch squat.  Or at least I know he’s spent oodles over the years on bait and poles and it’s resulted in Nada.  So going with someone who really knows how to catch something is, well like, WOW!  Dream Come True.

Spring 2369 

So Prince Erik and T-rev went out on the Puget Sound and discovered Crabbing - (Crab Pot Style).

Spring 2363

They also discovered the art of catching one of the ugliest fish on the planet.   Both it’s eyes are on one side .  I’m nearly nauseous just looking at the picture.  Here’s Prince Erik holding 1, might I add over-whelmingly Huge (snort), of the 22 Flounder that they caught.  You would think with a grin that big he’d caught a 40 pounder.

 Spring 2377

He then brought his smelly haul home.  I’m the WORST fish person you will ever meet.  But I love the guy so much I’m letting him clean, cook and eat his catch as long as he cleans up the smell, and triple bags the fish food when he’s done.  I usually have to go to the other end of the house while it’s cooking, or I find excuses to run errands at just the right time. 

The only downside is the fact that once he cleaned the fish and cooked the crabs, well all the remains got dumped into the garbage bin.  Let’s just say warm weather, mixed with rotting seafood is enough to send out a sure Nausea-inducing odor that has completely taken over our garbage bin area (Which WAS located directly underneath our bedroom window.)  No longer.

I thought someone had left a dead animal under our house and I nearly lost lunch after getting a faint whiff of the fumes when I took out the garbage the next day.  Let’s just say garbage day can’t come soon enough this week.  Meanwhile Prince Erik is on garbage duty.

Sorry I got side-tracked.  No more fish stories.  I promise.

Spring 2165

Yep, it’s summer, and I’m loving every second of it that I can.  Especially love moments like these.  A special package arrived this week.  See, I won one of the Mad Hatter Tea Party give-aways hosted by Theresa or the Enchanted ‘Faerie Moon Creations’.

Summer 111

The goody bag was simply magical.

Summer 118

And my girls are practically fighting me for the necklace. 

But it’s mine, it’s mine I say.  I did share the gumdrops with them.

 Summer 124

Thanks Theresa, your gift was perfect.


Natalie said...

My summer is the same. Other summers dragged on, but this one has flown by. Thankfully there's another month left...

Beth said...

I have looked at your post twice and just now realized that the swing in the first picture is fairy sized!!!!!!! That is a gorgeous photo, by the way. You keep on dreaming, Fawn!! Your dreams are SO inspiring!

Arrow said...

In my case I have to go back to school this fall, so my summer days continue to fly by like it's nobody's business--oh well! We enjoy reading your blog posts!