Thursday, August 5, 2010

Christmas to a 4 yr. old

Guest Post…Oh, I just love it when Prince Erik chimes in.  Here’s a recent message he sent out to our families…

“T-rev has taken it on himself to provide the family with “freezing’ ice-cold water this summer.  This is a real treat for the family on the hot summer days.  Twice a day he replenishes our kitchen water cooler with blocks of ice keeping the family supplied with what I would have to agree is ‘perfect’ water. 

Well, evidently his perfect water has not gone missed by Hope.  She absolutely loves it, and when she is not outside cooling off in the kiddy pool, she will be in the kitchen cooling off with T-rev’s summer gift to the family.

She mentioned to us on Monday, as she was drinking some of T-rev’s water “Ummm, now that is Christmas in my tummy !”, then she proceed to get 7 other cups for the rest of the family so we could all share in the “Christmas in our tummy” experience.

What a cute reminder to me to enjoy the little things that we have and then to share it.  I took my glass and felt the water tingle all the way down.

‘Ummm, Christmas in my tummy !’

Prince Erik


Note: A couple of days ago I won a gift certificate to Baja Fresh (A local Mexican restaurant) that I took Evo-man to last night for a nice meal.  I can’t say that the experience was ‘Christmas in my tummy’ but there was absolutely a party going on !”


The Littlest Thistle said...

Excellent, got to love Christmas in your tummy :o)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh no! Parties in the tummy are never good.
Love that your kids find pleasure in those little things.