Wednesday, August 4, 2010

When the weather gets hot…

I’m on fire right now.  Summer weather has actually only been around for 3 or 4 days.  The heat I mean.  This has been the coolest summer I can remember (WHICH I’M LOVING).  Cloudy, cool mornings (PERFECT for yard work), and the high’s around the mid 70’s.  Seriously, weather created just for me. 

Today was a warmer day – Over 80 degree’s F.  I know, I know you folks in AZ are cursing me right now.   I think we’ve had around a weeks worth of days over 80 all summer long.    Regardless, I’m loving the weather.  In fact it’s been so hot I’ve done something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.


the paint off some old furniture.  What kind of person do you think I am?  I’ve been working on 3 different pieces -

A Clock box, and can I say the stripping varnish and stain is a pain.  It’s future will hopefully be an enchanted dream box.

Summer 594

A heirloom rocker that’s been through generations of my family and all my kids and even spent a winter outside.

Summer 590

I pray I can save it, but it’s in pretty bad shape.  I know certain pieces will have to be replaced, but the wood, for the most part  is still okay.

Summer 591

And what of this?  Let’s just say one of my favorite artist has inspired the future of this chair.  Can you just imagine a whimsical Storybook Chair?  I’m beyond excited.

 Summer 588

I have such amazing dreams for each of these pieces.  And the weather is perfect for working outside on such dreams as these.

Guess what?  My sweet fairy door is a finalist… okay, to be honest all the entries are finalists.  Let’s just say, there are some pretty creative ladies out there.  Hop on by (by clicking on the button) and vote for your favorite.


And this weekend.  I’ve a special surprise.  I’ll be showing you the treasures I’ll be giving away for my Second Star to the Right Adventure.  Almost put the finishing touches on them.  Now to find where I put my pixie dust?

Second Star invite

As you can tell my dreams are in full force, I’m sure my Prince wishes de-cluttering were closer to the top of my dream list.  It will come… eventually.  Until then I’m enjoying every step along the way.

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Jocelyn Christensen said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give away another one of your special fairy doors?! The children of Lewisburg, PA need one desperately! Their little hearts are crying out for it! I must have one! Would you be interested in an even exchange...pirate loot for a fairy door???? -J