Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pucker Up

Thought this little tidbit was worth sharing.  This Saturday marks the 65th Anniversary of V-Day – A National Day of Remembrance.   This picture by Alfred Eisenstaedt forever immortalized the celebration of the day.

V-day Kiss

In July Congress approved a resolution to Commemorate this event on the Second Sunday of August (Wow, finally August has a holiday). Yet this year it will be on Saturday the  14th.

In addition to memorials and celebrations all over the U.S., there is one that I found fitting, one that I could vicariously participate in no matter where I might physically be located.  In Times Square there will be a Kiss-In next to a 25 foot tall statue of the unidentified soldier and Nurse Edith Shain (who recently passed away). 

So, Saturday,  I’m going to passionately kiss my Prince, then smoother my children with more hugs and kisses so they don’t feel left out.

children kiss

All the while, gratefully thinking of all the amazing men and women who have served our country so honorably and preserved our freedom.

So Share some Love and Celebrate!  Help Keep the Spirit of ‘45 Alive.


laterg8r said...

love this picture, way to keep the spirit alive :D

The Littlest Thistle said...

How cool. I was reading the story of that photo recently too on a photography site, actually I think it was an interview with the photographer, anyway, I digress, happy celebrating!