Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So last night I was awakened to brutal reality when I saw police officers, guns drawn, yelling and running around my backyard neighbor’s home.  To be honest it’s not a neighbor I know well.  Well they were able to apprehend their guy after a lot of yelling and a little scuffle.  I was a little shocked as I stood 40 feet away from the activity in full view of what was going on.  Power tool in hand, mouth probably hanging open in shock, but still as a statue.  Don’t know if the statue would have moved any if guns had been blazing, but thankfully they remained silent.

UGH!  I have problems letting my kids play outside.  They are not allowed in the front yard without an adult or teenager present and now I’m thinking of imposing the same rules on the back yard. 

What’s shocking is I live in the most peaceful, quiet, friendly town around.  Makes me long for the country.  But I’m sure they see this stuff there as well.

It broke my peaceful summer.  So in order to reclaim it I’m posting pictures about the joyful things we’ve seen this last week.

Summer 614

Took my kids to the Beautiful Snoqualmie Falls.  We intended to hike to the bottom and play in the river like in years past, but the trail was closed for upgrades.  They figure it will take them three years to complete.  Three years is way to long.  Maybe they should assign the task to some wanna-be eagle scouts.

Summer 621

Maybe we’ll find an alternate path down, because I don’t think we can wait three years.

I also spied Mommy Deer and her Fawn.  These deer visit daily a small residence in my town that is on a main road.  Love seeing them. I saw the baby when it was less than a week old and I’ve been kicking myself for not having my camera with me ever since.

Summer 695

And to get us in the mood for our continuing Second Star Adventure, we just had to watch my favorite live-action Peter Pan Movie.

Neverland Fairy Tree

I nearly giggled with pleasure through the whole movie.  Can’t tell you how long Peter Pan has been my friend.  Just ask my mom.

And tonight, more magic happens.  We are going to watch the Perseid meteor shower.  So I’m off to find the sleeping bags so we can lay out, under the stars, on the lawn.

Under the Stars

And while we are waiting for the sun to set I’ll just have to decide which book to read to the girls.  I think I’ll follow this Lady’s advice.

Audrey's fairy tales

Whew, finally finding a little peace again.


Sue said...

I love Peter Pan, too. But I don't love intruders running around in my neighborhood.

I think you've found the right cure, though. Those photos are gorgeous, and fairy tales will always be my favorite.


SilverNikNats said...

Love the quote!

Richins Family said...

That is crazy. I don't let my kids play outside without me either. Glad that it didn't escalate.

Glad you are enjoying the beauty around you. I would love to come go to the Falls someday. Did you enjoy the meteor shower? I stayed up and saw a few. One was brilliant! It was awesome. Maybe you had more than we did down here. HOpe you had fun.

LadyDoc said...

WOW- what a night!

We live in the city now, but are looking forward to moving to a small town for retirement. Even though we are in a "good, safe" neighborhood, where (so far, knock on wood) these kinds of things don't happen, reading and hearing about them every day is so depressing.

I am also a great lover of Peter Pan. My Dad took me to the bookstore every year on my birthday as a kid, and I remember well that on the first such trip- my 6th birthday- I bought a hard cover copy of Peter Pan.

Now- about the tatting message you left me several weeks ago on my blog: 1) I am sorry to take so long to respond and 2) I would LOVE to help you out on your learning path. Let me know whenever you are ready and I will point you to the best places on the 'net for help and advice. Believe me I am still a beginner, and the places I've found are really WONDERFUL for anyone who wants to become a tatter.

Hope today, and always, is more serene than last night!

Honey Mommy said...

I would be freaked out too!

Love the waterfalls and the dear and her fawn. How utterly appropriate for your blog!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Oh, I'm sorry that happened! Move to Pennsylvania...It's some good country living out here. You'd love it. Beautiful.

The Littlest Thistle said...

Glad you got your peace back, and yes, think they definitely need a volunteer workforce to sort that path!