Thursday, August 26, 2010

When Imagination goes Awry

We just flew home from Neverland, ahhhh what an adventure.  Many thanks to all the participants who joined me there.  Almost done with me Neverland clock… can’t wait… hopefully this weekend it will contain the names of the lucky fairy door winners.

Summer 058

And next year, I’ll be visiting Neverland again because I can’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first release of J.M. Barrie’s first book ‘Peter Pan and Wendy’.

Summer 318

My mind is swirling with all the fun we are going to have next year.  Who knows maybe my children will put on a clothesline theater production of the play. 

So, as you know I’ve been blessed with abundant imagination, as have my children.

Fortunately I have the good sense to keep a foot in both the land of imagination and reality at the same time.  My kids not so much.  Which is where it’s up to me to make sure I don’t lose them to their flights of fancy.Summer 303

Four-year old Hope has enjoyed the ride to Neverland, just as I did when I was her age.  She presented me with this darling picture of Peter and Wendy that she drew.  It’s magic.


Princess warned me that Hope was standing in her window waiting for Peter to come and fly her to Neverland.


Her window is over two stories off the ground.  Fortunately she didn’t attempt to fly without Peter and Pixie Dust.  However, after I re-started my heart, I think the window may be barred, unless I’m in the room reading Bedtime stories.

Oh Heavens, that brought me back to reality fast.  I know where she get’s her wonder from.  It’s from me, this chick…

Summer 481

Me, as a wee one of course.  See the deer-caught-in-headlights look… I’ve perfected it during my many daydreams.  Remember how I told you my first memories of Peter Pan was listening to my Dad read me stories while sitting in a trailer home at my Grandparents farm.  Well in my memory (imagination) and for years (okay until this year)  I thought that trailer looked like this.  Maybe my thoughts latched onto it because it has the nostalgic look about it.

childhood memory

Can you imagine my dismay when I found this picture.

Summer 475

No, not the dismay of seeing a photo of wee me in curlers but notice the trailer in the background.  I didn’t recognize it at all.  The blue and white shelter was so chased out of my memory, replace by a sliver ghost that wasn’t real.  I had to immediately contact my parents to see if the silver ghost was a true memory at all.  It wasn’t.  The only trailer I lived in was the box shaped one in the picture.  The Airstream trailer, sadly was a false memory at best.  My Dad did confirm the stories under the window though.  Whew!  At least I’m not all bonkers.

Maybe the airstream is a future memory?  Hummm.  A Traveling Nursery?  

Okay enough dwelling on my imaginative memory.  I’ve got just a couple days left of summer before school starts and I’m going to work hard on helping my kids find their footing in both the land of reality and imagination.

Summer 007


Richins Family said...

I think it is easy to have memories that are not our own, especially if you dream even just a little bit. That is why we all remember things slightly different. It isn't that the situation was different, but that we view it differently. You must have thought you were living in an enchanted trailer. Quite surprised that you were able to remember it at all. Good luck on finding the fine balance between reality and imagination. Bars might be good.

Jorgelina said...

Pretty memories!
Wonderful to participate in the party.
Happy weekend.