Friday, November 9, 2007

Booted from the Turkey Trot

I’ve been told not to run in a local 10K race tomorrow simply because I bought a certain running shoes 3 weeks ago. O.K. explanation in order, whether you’re interested or not. Seventy lbs. and less than 11 months ago (Yes, I’m still trying to wrap my head around that one as well), when I first started exercising, I had problems with plantar fasciitis or heel spurs. So, I decided to play smart and see a Podiatrist. I was pointed in the direction of a really expensive ($120 pair of shoes that would help my feet). Well, seeing as I just had invested literally thousands to join a program to help with exercise, eating, mental, preparing food, etc., I certainly didn’t want sore heels slowing me down. So I bought them. They were worth every penny. I probably wore them way too long, but they were the best shoes I’ve ever had. You have to understand the desperation, up until then I had never spent more than $15.99 for a pair of shoes, for myself, in my entire life. Forward to three weeks ago… I knew I needed new shoes, but times being what they are, I had a hard time thinking that I had to buy that same pair of expensive shoes. So after much looking I spied a sale at Big 5 Sports. There was a shoe there made by the same company, it looked similar in support, but it had a different name, and on sale it was only $39.00. I thought I had scored!
Turns out… I was way wrong. Things seemed fine until 10 days ago when I halted my 4.5 morning slow but steady jog at 1.25 miles. I had a pain in my hip that seemed to be getting worse. I knew that I needed to take a break from the intense training I’ve been doing for my upcoming half-marathon. It is a huge goal of mine to do this half-marathon to cap off an unbelievable, miraculous year of finding myself. But that is another story. Who would have thought, that my dream could now be in jeopardy because I skimped on shoes. After 10 days of taking it easy I finally saw my Dr. and he diagnosed me with leg tensor fascia lata syndrome. I know, it sounds like some malady that a character from the Incredibles gets if they haven’t had their morning brew. I think it means I have an inflamed muscle, tendon, or something like that. The Dr. explained it, but I had my three girls with me, so I probably only understood half of what he said.
The whole things boils down absolutly no Turkey trot, which was to be my first official 10K, this weekend. My half-marathon, in a month, is also in danger of getting axed. There is still some hope. I’m going to start immediately with a physical therapist, special exercises, lot’s of ibuprofen, ice and of course a lot of prayer. I should know more, in a week or two, about whether or not I have to drop a dream or live it.
The best part of the whole conversation with my Dr., yesterday, was that I have a problem common in runners. Being compared to other runners was a revelation to me. Yes, I have completed three 5K races and two sprint triathlons, but I never thought of myself as an athlete; just someone trying to slowly get to some first-time in my lifetime goals. But yesterday, I arrived! I realized all the hard work had achieved something I hadn’t realized. I am a true athlete. Although super slow and uncoordinated, I’m a runner. And yesterday I finally realized it. And by-golly this athlete is worth a pair of shoes worth $120.


Mimi said...

Don't worry about the photos your words paint a great picture. I think blogging is perfect for you since your writing and experiences beat most. Love you guys!

Susanne said...

I'm glad you started a blog! Keep the stories coming. I love it! ♥

Anonymous said...

You're so worth $120 shoes! And more. Thanks for being such an inspiration! Keep blogging.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you don't get to do this one, there will always be another. Don't give up on your goals. You truly motivate me to set more myself. I want to be like you, Sis. Love you. skr

PomPa said...

Fawn, Mimi is right, your "word pictures" are worth a thousand reprints! Thanks for getting started, and thanks for sharing your wonderful family with us. Keep it up!