Saturday, November 10, 2007

Turkey Trot Tumble

Our family went to the turkey trot this morning. Weather wasn’t the best, with rain and temperatures in the 40’s. But our spirits were high and we were there to have fun! Since I couldn’t run they were kind enough to let my husband take my place. Evo-man dropped out as well, on account of him spraining his ankle last Wednesday. It wasn’t quite back to full strength, so he helped me cheer everyone else on. Lea, Princess and Abner competed in the 5K while we left T-rev at home with a croupy Hope. Abner ran in place, or circles around Princess probably carried her a good portion of the whole race as well. Even though he has cross country in his blood I had asked him to stay close to her. Of course, he kindly encouraged her the whole way, but it was quite a job trying to get her to go faster than a normal walk. At least the crowd at the finish line encouraged her to speed up a little. Lea didn’t fare much better. It seems she found a kind older lady walking partner, soon after the race started. She then proceeded to give her a detailed account of our entire family and probably our entire history as well,for the next 50 minutes. This was my husband’s first 10K and he did awesome. Part of the race was on a rough trail and he paid the price for hitting a rock funny. Who’d have known that we would have two sprained ankles in our family in less than a week? Exercising can be hazardous to your health. I thought he did a great job, and in spite of the owie he was able to finish the race in under an hour by a good bit. After the race there was a Health and Wellness Expo set up in a nearby school. There were plenty of booths for the kids to get free little handouts, waterbottles, stickers,etc. However, the funnest part was all the mats they had set out in the middle of the gym. There were some gymnastic instructors there letting kids have a go on some of the equipment. No, my girls are not graceful but we had to laugh when we saw Lea do an assisted throw-down off a mini-tramp. Gymnastics or Professional Wrestling? I'd let you be the judge, but I haven't figured how to upload videos yet. The funny thing was watching Princess try to do the same thing right after Lea did it. She sprinted as fast as her tired legs would let her down to the trampoline. Then she came to a total stop. The instructor helped her onto the trampoline and waited as she stood there waiting for the magical flip in the air to just happen. She had to be coaxed into even bouncing on the trampoline. After a couple of little bounces, he finally realized that he would have to do all the work. So he lifted her up, flipped her over and she landed a beautiful back flop on the mat.

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Anonymous said...

You know what I think? Graceful is overrated. I love it that your girls are strong! (Seriously strong...I've been on the recieving end of several crushing hugs.) Girl Power!