Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Commissioned Detail

So I got my first ever commissioned art request. I’m starting to feel like a legit artist. One of my friends saw the Sleeping Beauty castle fairy door I did for another friend.

Apparently she decided that it wasn't a one fluke wonder and thought that she could pay me so I could try to create Cinderella’s castle for someone in her family. My only complaint with working on these fairy doors is that I want to then go back and improve the others that I’ve tried.

So I found this picture online to use as my guide.

I couldn't resist going overboard on the detail. Of course I set to work layering up the oben back clay.

I couldn’t resist adding Tinker Bell and a palm tree.

Why the palm tree? Well my friend sent me this little message about her mom in an email.

"On that strength note: Mom's worn a small palm tree charm necklace for years, maybe about 20 now. For her, the palm was always a reminder of strength and resilience in an unassuming package. When a category 5 storm makes landfall, manmade structures get destroyed and even mighty oaks get pulled up to the roots; palm trees sway and bend, but rarely break. Girl, you are one heck of a palm tree.

Cheesy as it sounds, I do believe we are only ever given what the Lord knows we can handle. If we already knew we could do it, we'd probably miss the lesson and growth in it."

So I just had to add the palm tree. I hope she likes it.

And while I was thus happily employed in fairy business – Princess and Hope decided to glue my nativity pieces to the stand.

Even though I have kid nativities that I let them handle they can’t keep their little fingers off mine. Maybe they were thinking if they glued them in place they wouldn’t be as tempted to play with them?

However I don't know what they were thinking when they glued the lamb to the stable roof.

Oh well. Fortunately I found the glue still wet so un-doing the damage was do-able.


Faith said...

I'm quite sure that this isn't appropriate, but my first reaction to that castle was "holy crap." In other words, I'm impressed :)

Sara said...

You outdid yourself. That's a really incredible work of art. Can you make a living doing that?

Brandi said...

Beautiful! And too funy about the glue on the nativity!

Trena Doll said...

Dear legit artist,
How does one go about commissioning such artwork? Will you send me details?
An admirer.

Treasure Ann said...

Congrats girlfriend!! I love getting orders and business like that. You love what you do and perfection comes out on the product. Your product is beautiful, and I love that Palm Tree. Great job.

Fawn, don't give up on me, I've been so busy. I'm still sending that package. Trust me.

Take care and I'll chat with you later. I have a bake sale coming up this Saturday. I hope I do well.
Again, I love your project.

Tink said...

All I can really say is WOW! You are incredibly talented. It's so beautiful! That's amazing! Great job.

Natalie said...

That is amazing! Great job.

The lamb on the roof is too cute...I might've been tempted to leave it, haha.

princessmama said...

Oh, fawndear, I laughed so hard when I saw your nativity. Out of sympathy. Like when my littlest critter painted his hair, I had to laugh, it was naughty but hilarious. I'm glad you found it in time to fix it.

That castle is incredible. :)

Dawn said...

So i was thinking that would be a cute gift to send to my Sisters kids in England, how much are you selling them for?
Hugs Dawn

Cynthia said...

I'm so impressed with your fairy doors! That castle is amazing and I'm sure she'll love it.

And, I know it's evil of me, but I'm totally laughing about the nativity scene. The lamb on the roof is priceless! You'll be able to smile at that every Christmas season for years to come.

~Susan:) said...

My mother-in-law had a hand-painted ceramic nativity and one of the lambs, due to an unfortunate grandchild accident one year, had no face. However, said grandchild (not one of my kids actually!) tried to "fix" the damage with a brown magic marker. Although she always set up the nativity after that with the faceless lamb facing toward the manger, thus hiding his lack of features from the unassuming viewer, we have a wonderful time laughing and reminiscing over it every year. (Even now, when the ceramic nativity has been long since retired.) The lamb on the roof will surely go in the humorous category of the oral family history, along with the rest of the gluey details! ;)

The castle rocks! The palm tree addition is my favorite detail. I will have to remember that quote about the strength of palm trees…and I agree with your friend, you ARE one heck of a palm tree!