Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On the Fourth Day of Christmas...

On the Fourth Day of Christmas I realized that ‘Wowser’s, I’ve still got a bucket load of stuff to get done.’ This here lady had better hole up in the Master Bedroom with my Sewing Machine, Insane sewing skills, and maybe some Hot Chocolate for a few days. Fortunately for me Prince Erik is all for the idea.

So I thought I’d toss out some before-they-were-gifts pictures. Can I do it? Christmas for 8 people in under $100.

So I camped out over the past few months at the thrift store on $1 days. Kind of like Treasure hunting.
So for $3 I found some cream top sheets and a white pillowcase that when combined with a $1.99 sale pattern will hopefully make my girls some wonderful nightgowns. Total $4.99 for 3 plus nighties.
.25 cent thrift store pattern and $2.99 flannel top sheet = Two adult p.j.'s for $3.24
The boys were a bit more. However I did get real material for them at 75% off but it was still 1.69 a yard. I'll figure out how much they end up costing after I'm done sewing.
I'll surprise you later with some extra gifts that I'm making using some left-over boat cushion denium...
Some Free Capri Sun Empty pouches...
$1 bedskirt...
And the plastic from a package that contained a dog bed we bought a while ago.
So hopefully in a couple of days I'll show you the results.
Before I forget...
Our sweet Christmas Elf visited again. And No - I'm not trying to find out who it is. When I see the car lights coming down the road I try to distract my kids so as not to spoil the surprise. I am curious. Thank you Elf.
So here is the sweet message and goodies left on our doorstep.
Four calling birds, we can't pay the fare,
For all we have is a purse full of air.
As Christmas fast approaches, and calls you must make,
Don't use these gold coins or the phone you will break.
We hope that you are having as much fun as we are,
Certainly by now you must be looking for our car!!


Sara said...

I'm dying to see what you do with the "boat cushion denim" and capri suns. I don't want my jammies made out of that!

And the sheet for the girls? Top left? I have those sheets. Mom got them for me from rich friend; they're very nice!!

I need to start sewing! But I'm still knitting. Sigh.

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

I can't wait to see all your finished gifts. I love getting my plain sheets for dying the same way. It makes such sturdy and economical way to make your own fabric. My cousin and I dye our own fabrics and then wrap each other's gifts in it throughout the years and eventually the fabrics end up in our scrap quilts.

Treasure Ann said...

Wow Fawn, you have a talent for sewing. I wish I had that gift. My mom sews. She use to sew us pajamas and dresses to when we were growing up. Speaking of gifts, your doing great with yours. So far I have half of my Christmas gift making done and half more to go.
have you started on your crocheting? Right now I'm making a prayer shawl for a church sister.
I wish I had a Christmas elf in my neighborhood. But that does give me an idea to be a Christmas elf in my neighborhood. Take care sister girl. Enjoy your Holiday.

princessmama said...

Such fun stuff. I can't wait to see how it all turns out :) I am almost done with my christmas sewing but I need to get on the crocheting before it's too late!

~Susan:) said...

I am on the edge of my seat regarding the Capri-Sun re-purposing, and all the rest of the extra gifts. I can't wait to see what astonishingly creative and adorable creations you have fashioned!

And kudos on the re-purposing--a creative, simple AND earth-friendly holiday. I am, as always, truly inspired by you.